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‘Dont sweat the small stuff… And it’s all small stuff’ – Richard carlson, PhD

A little over a week ago i was browsing in the literature section of my local Target store. I was in the pregnancy section (I am pregnant with my second child) and they had a little ‘zen/inner peace’ sub section. I came across this book ‘Don’t sweat the small stuff… And its just small stuff.’ written by Richard Carson, ph. D.

I am about 3/4 through the book, I am really enjoying what I’m reading and I definitely recommend this book to everyone who’s interested. Not only has it pointed out that I do, among everyone else in the world I sweat the small stuff. Like I pointed out in the my previous entry, the one about my friend posting a status, only to have one of her friends just assume it was about her based on the topic of the status.

We all sweat the small stuff a lot of times. Whether we notice we are doing it or not. Even though we would all probably like to sit there, defend our posts and justify it to everyone who question our reasoning. we all just need to chill out.

This book has taught me that no matter what opinions somebody has, you can find the lesson in those opinions and maybe come to understand them as a person and why they think, do the the things they do and have the opinions they have.

It has taught me that even if you think its your place to correct someone or prove your point, sometimes you just need to sit back and let the person you think is wrong have the glory. Don’t correct them and let them be right for once. Because the world will not stop if you don’t put your opinion in or correct them if you think there wrong, no the world will keep spinning and life will keep going on. You will feel better with yourself and and life will go on.

It has taught me that while everyone lives their lives different, its never your place to judge them. I’ve caught myself making comments about other peoples lives. People who I think are beneath me and others who I think are too good for me. I’ve said a few unwanted things about them, their living arrangements and the state they keep their house. Some of which I’d take back and others were just pointing out facts. Even though I said things that offended those people, who am I to judge Really? Its not my life is It? No. I’m not the one living in that present moment. I am not the one who wakes up in the morning, looks at the mess and sits and says to myself ‘ohwell’ and continues on with my day, I was the one making it harder by (even though it was never to their face or ment to be passed on) sweating the small stuff and worrying about somebody else’s problem.

Another thing this book has taught me is although you can feel sympathetic and have compassion towards somebody because of their life situation, you shouldn’t concern yourself with their problems. Because you have your own.

And I will leave it at that for now.

To be continued…

Facebook – what have we become?

In a world where social media is now the main source of our contact with our friends and family I wonder what have we become?

When I say goodbye to someone I say ‘I’ll talk to you on facebook’ (even when I have no intention of talking to them on facebook) instead of ‘I’ll call you.’

But not only is facebook the way we communicate these days it’s also the cause of many broken relationships between friends, families, high school flings and marriages. So when does it stop?

For example I witnessed someone post a status on her facebook about a worldwide issue ‘debt.’ She simply stated that she didn’t understand debt and how people let themselves get in a lot of debt because she has never been in debt. As a result of her posting this status people started attacking her claiming it must have been directed at them, when it was not about anyone at all, it was about not understanding something because she hasn’t been in that situation before.

Sure facebook is great for keeping people updated on how things are going in your life but I think people are miss-using it. I have people on my facebook who advertise that I would like someone – any random person doesn’t matter who – to come over to their house just to have sex with them, I have people posting pictures of their drugs, I have people advertising how much crystal meth they have to sell and I have people who thrive of starting fights with people on facebook about something they have said or done in their personal life and even their spelling and grammar.

Yes those people aren’t the ideal people to have on my facebook but I am not here to judge them and how they live their life. Even though I don’t like some of the things people post on facebook, it’s not my place to tell them they are wrong.

This is where correcting someone on their spelling and grammar comes into it… Since when was it ever ok to attack someone because they forgot punctuation, put it in the wrong spot or spelt words wrong? It’s never ok – Unless it is your job to go through someone’s school work or a book they have written and edit their work – other than that it is not your right to sit there and correct someone in front of a public audience just to prove to everyone that the person typing is obviously an idiot because they can’t spell or use correct grammar. I’m sorry but if it really bothers you then correct them in private… you will look less like and egotistical ass and they might appreciate it instead of feeling like the incompetent idiot you have made them look like.


To be continued