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Amazing! just amazing. :)

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I tried. I really tried seeing the bad through all these years. Not that I did it on purpose, it’s just that this is what I was taught to do. You know what I’m talking about right? Because this is what you too were taught. It wasn’t such a difficult task, to be honest. “Here it is!” I pointed at another big red title in the newspaper that screamed: “CORRUPTION IN GOVERNMENT OFFICES!”. It was also very easy to see the bad in the behavior of people surrounding me, in the bad service I got from the telephone company, and also in the emerging Iranian nuclear bomb, the orthodox, the Arabs, the Jewish settlers and basically in everyone or everything that was external to me. And I didn’t even know why am I looking for it. It was just there. Easy job.

But one moment, probably between one angry thought and another…

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Tech savy son: educational struggle?

Ever since my son was crawling he was obsessed with my laptop. Pulling off the keys and trying to get it every chance he got.

Today he got given his own leap from laptop. He loves it!

One thing I wonder is will this be good for my little tech savy 1 year old? I think the results speak for themselves.

So in a world where technology is seen as one of the most important ways to communicate, is it better for us to be teaching our kids earlier about it?

Since my son was 7 months old I had been teaching him how to use my smart phone. I started with a game called ‘milk the cow’ where you would use your finger to pull the teat of the udder down and see how fast you can fill the bucket with milk.

By 9 months he could milk the cow, unlock my phone and flick through photos.
Now this, his own laptop that teaches animal sounds, the alphabet and you can connect it to the computer and upload music to it.

Babies are fast learners, they really are. My son is 1 year and 1 month old.
In that time he has gone from a crying helpless baby to a little independent computer nerd. He has learnt the usual roll over, sit up, crawl, stand up, walk along furniture and now walking. He can high five, bro fist, he can tell you to shh, dance, he can clap and cuddle his bear. He knows who nan, pop, auntys, uncle, mum, dad and the dogs are and will point to us when asked. He eats his veggies and he eats his meat.

I’ve been told before that ‘i am a bad mother because I teach my son stuff instead of him learning by himself’ the same person also said they feel sorry for my son for having a mother like me.’

No matter… Their opinion, I personally think teaching children is usually the way they learn.

So what’s next? I will have to see.

What are your thoughts… Should I really be encouraging my son to be tech savy? Or should I be doing something different?
Your thoughts?

Ants in my sugar jar


Sometimes things in life are such an inconvenience. Like ants in a sugar jar… You don’t know how the got inside spoiling your sugar or how long they have been there. But now you have to empty all the sugar out because you aren’t fond of drinking ants with your coffee.

Yes I found ants in my sugar jar… I found out its not as ant proof as I originally thought… So I need to find a new one.

Ahh life, what will you throw at me next?

Yes, I have never watched batman


Of Course my Fiance is outraged. I have never in my life watched batman. ‘OH MY GOD, where did you even grow up” he says while i am writing this “That’s just weird, I’m sorry I love you, but that’s just weird. I was a sheltered christian kid and even I have seen batman” he proceeded (now hes listening to bass hunter not talking about batman at all)

But yes, Seriously i have never watched the batman movies and only watched maybe 2 episodes of the batman cartoon. (that i remember)

Should i catch up on my un-knowledge about classic movies? Maybe i should.

I don’t know why but for some reason as a child i didnt grow up watching many movies… Maybe it was because my sisters loved watching pokemon and the only movies i had watched in the first 10 years of my life were – The pokemon movies, Digimon, Dragon ball Z and The Mummy. Or maybe i just spent too much time in my bedroom, sitting on my bed and thinking about the naughty things i had done to end up there.

As ive grown up i still havent seen many movies.

I get teased about it abit, My fiances Brothers and sister are.. I guess you could say… obssesed with latest movies and the actors that are in them. Most the conversations i have witness while being around them, are about movies ive never seen and actors ive never herd of.

They dont like me… They actually think im a crazy whore (sorry for my language.) I could delve into why they think that but its basically a case of they live in the past and stew on other peoples past mistakes, even if that person isnt the same person today as they were back then. They also have this habbit of constantly, indirectly and through conversations about other people’s mistakes, reminding me of my own. Making me feel bad.

Me and my Fiance were going through a rough time a few months ago and he ended up staying at his sisters for a month or so. They took it upon themselves to decided how i was feeling. They would tell him that I didnt love my Fiance and that i was pretty much a psyco. It caused alot of trouble between us too and he made some mistakes of his own.

But you know what? I dont hate them over it.

Because little do they know the whole time, I knew everything they were saying, I knew what they were encouraging my partner to do and I know what their intentions were. But it didnt work, because you can’t bully and harrass someone into throwing away their family (being their fiance/wife and kids). It does not work.

I thought harrassment would stop if i quit schol in grade 11. But it didn’t sadly I am still putting up with it. But from ADULTS who claim I’m just a moody teenager who needs to grow up. Yet i don’t spend my days talking about other peoples flaws, bad grammar, how so and so cheated on so and so and so on.

If they decided to read this (which i doubt they will because my appaling grammar will cause them to close off the page because i am obviously not worth their time) then I don’t care. They might realise that there are so many more things i can say but wont.

I am not a saint. But I am also not a bully. I dont agree with bulling at all.


Simple little sparkly things.


So I am at home now, I couldnt find what I was looking for today. So I found the perfect substitute… A $2.50 glass bead braclect and some fishing wire. Although it looks like nothing special it has the desired effect in the room.


Also, a shout out to all my new followers. Thankyou for taking an intrest in my blog, its much appreciated. If there is anything you would like me to write a blog about, a book you would like me to read or a blog post you would like me to check out, send me an email on

I check my emails every day because as you guys know, I quit facebook.

Art and disrespect


So originally came to my local shopping center to take a photo of the sandcastle that was set up in the middle of the complex, but sadly I have missed it by a day or two… Ahh procrastination you have failed me once again. So I have decided there are still many more art pieces I can show you.

But you know what annoys me? When you come across this -


Graffiti… Seriously… On someone else’s art piece.

Being a local, I know that this art piece was painted by the theater students (this is displayed on the side of the theater here.) It really us disheartening when you see this. It’s disrespectful and sad.

Sadly again… Such is life and one this that will never change is how much respect people don’t have for each other.

To be continued as the day progresses.

19 hours and getting better.


Goodmorning bloggers.

I am still sick, after 2 weeks now. It is horrible but for some reason I have gotten a bit better after deleting facebook. It has been 19 hours since I deleted my facebook, maybe I will be cured from this sickness by next week. Haha as much as I would like to say ‘quitting facebook cured my cold’ sadly it is just pure luck.

Today I am going down to my local shopping center (mall if you are reading from America) and taking a few photo’s of the local businesses there and hopefully, the massive art display they have set up in the middle. If it is still there (hopefully it will be.)

I am also looking for suncatchers (those dangly bead things that make rooms rainbow colours) if anyone could link me to a blog on here in which someone makes and sells them that would be awesome.

Here is an example picture for you.


I quit facebook!


It has been around 8 hours since i decided to quit facebook. You know that washing that has been sitting there all week? Oh yeah did i do that washing. I washed those clothes and hung them out like a boss! A boss of my own life, YES that’s right, MY LIFE! Yet to be ruled by negative people and posts ever again.

I must say in those 8 hours i have found more time to play with my son, do washing, read my fellow blogger’s posts, cook dinner and plan my blog post for tomorrow.

Why did i suddenly quit facebook? Simply because it is not worth my time, I would sit on facebook nearly everyday soaking in every ones negativity, day in day out nothing better to do than keep up with other peoples lives… and for what? Nothing at all, only to be teased and taunted about how on facebook i am not grammatically correct. As it was quoted ‘If someone chooses to ignore the basic rules of grammar than they are not worth any ones f’n time” I’m sorry but what?

Judge not least he be judged, Don’t judge a book by its cover etc, etc and so on.

I don’t think i will be returning to facebook. At all, because most the people i have on there and the people i don’t actually have added just sit there waiting for someone to judge instead of getting of their backside and doing something to benefit them. they just put people down then claim to be a saint.

I am venting yes, maybe i am being a little judgmental myself.

Think positive Brit… think positive.