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The first step to fulfilling my dream – written by Celine Signoret West, Querétaro, Mexico

This is the first page of my novel.

“The first step to fulfilling my dream”

There I stood in the small airport, with my body facing the metal detector, about to go through security. My face was red and my eyes were puffy. I blinked as another tear rolled down my cheek. My mother stood holding my father’s arm, sobbing into his shoulder. My parents waved goodbye. That would be my last image of them for the next eight months. That was it, my last memory before I left. Finally, the trip I had longed for, for such a long time; the first step to fulfilling my dream. By this time, I already knew who I was, what I wanted and my main purpose in life; helping others. I had already learned to laugh, cry, love, write, kiss and dream. I knew I was on the right track to a journey that had to be experienced and appreciated more than many things in my life.  

But this journey was way after high school; the toughest four years of my life. It was when I was a lost child who thought she had fallen in love countless times. That was when I was able to make a fool of myself, just to please others. That’s when pain was the only path to love and justified it with false enchantments. That was when I only considered others’ opinions and mine were hidden far away where no one could know about them. But it took great courage and strength to get up after falling so many times. If it weren’t for all those mistakes, the laughing, the crying, the joy, the pain, the good and bad people that came into my life, I never would have learned so much, and most of all, I never would be the person I am today.  

  Celine Signoret West.  Querétaro, Mexico  

  I speak English,Spanish and French. I write as often as I can. Someday I’d like to be a writer. I enjoy dancing Belly Dance for fun.

Celine Signoret West

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Beauty will be the saviour amongst us in these grey times

When was the last time you walked outside just after it has stopped raining and just felt the water on your feet? And I don’t mean walk down to the shops or anything I mean just stepped outside, bare foot and really felt the cold wet ground.

I did this today, heaps, mainly because where I sleep and where I write is in two different spots and you have to walk outside to get there and I just couldn’t be bothered putting on shoes.

As I stepped outside the sharpness of the cold wet ground hit me faster than I thought it was going too… And it felt good, it didn’t hurt, it was cold yes, but it just reminded me that life is so mysterious and beautiful.

Have you ever seen a spider web after it has been exposed to water? It’s so beautiful and calming in a weird ‘I was made by a creepy little thing with eight legs and fangs’ kind of way.

One topic I have written about over and over again is life and enjoying it. Still I write about these thongs but it doesn’t really seem like I am following my own advice… Maybe because I don’t have the money to go overseas right now or maybe because I find myself caught up with what others think of me too much.   Like I could write this post and maybe I’ll get my first negative response to my blog and I might end up quitting, who knows… But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I was reading a forum earlier about the book ‘fifty shades of grey’ because well it is only the most talked about book right now, I wonder how the author feels about that… No because my mum and I were talking about how the whole 20 something years her and my father had been together he hasn’t read a single book and then bam all of a sudden this book comes out and he buys it and it reading it and I made the comment ‘ it is written so poorly its probably the only book he would be able to read’ knowing that I myself have not actually read it…

I am not interested in reading this book as I don’t like the whole ‘girl falls in love with guy who turns out to be a creep and they have rough violent sex together’ concept, because honestly that isn’t what I call a good story… It’s what I call a sad attempt to jump into the ‘erotic novel’ club…

When I think of an ‘erotic novel’ I think about those old romance books you see in book stores but with a sex scene or two… In the missionary position for the sole purpose of pro-creation (that little joke is for my partner, he knows what I am talking about.)

But honestly Maybe I am just sheltered, am I being to judgmental about a book I haven’t read? Will all the bad reviews about it I can only come to the conclusion that it is not worth my time and I will just ask dad how it was when he his finished.

Anyway back to the forum, basically this lady was saying that she wasn’t going to read the book because it goes against the bible and she believes… And that is fair enough. There were almost 1000 comments on this forum, 50% of them were quotes from the bible backing up why the book is sinful and 30% was people having a go at the Christians posting throwing the commandment ‘judge not lest ye be judged’ back in their faces and then the 20% that was left were mixed opinions basically saying ‘yeah its poorly written and yes its sort of yuck but hey at least the author tried right?’

I agree with the last 20%… So what if the Christians are being judgmental, the whole human race is judgmental and it does go against the bible in their eyes so they are entitled to their opinion.

In these judgmental times I think we should all go stand in the rain… If it is raining where you are… And feel the rain, think of the rain and think about how even though there are some bad stories out there written about icky stuff, life is still beautiful and worth enjoying every bit of it.

What makes you freshly pressable?

what makes being freshly pressed so desirable?

  It simply comes down to peoples need and desire for attention. Whether you are an ‘attention seeker’ or not there is no doubt that by using wordpress and having a blog that at one stage in your blogging history you have day dreamed about being ‘freshly pressed.’

  I admit that I myself look through the freshly pressed section each day and hope maybe one day I will be up there and people will know I am here. When you think realistically about it who am I Really? I am just some girl who lives in Australia… No big deal at all… But see my ego likes to convince me otherwise.  

Ha ha ha shut up ego… No! No don’t leave, I’m sorry… Oh hi self doubt glad you could join me today.  

And bam. That’s how easy it is to convince yourself you are not good enough. I have read many post written by the admins of wordpress and some users on ‘how to get freshly pressed’ and really were pretty much all doing the right thing… Unless you are not drafting your writing in word first just to double check there is no spelling or grammatical errors.

Yes I admit it even thought I hate to admit it… Grammar matters. But only in the blogging world and when writing a book… Facebook you can probably get away with it a lot more than people will tell you that you can. Unless you write your status like this “I luvd last nite soooooo mch got soooooo wasted nd gunna do it agen 2nite with ma bitches” not only does it sound tacky… But you honestly do have to question the intelligence of the writer… Be nice Brit…  

I’m sure if Facebook incorporated autocorrect we would not have this problem. I mean even phones have autocorrect or as it used to be known as dictionary. So why not Facebook? Come on Mark, can you not see how Facebook is creating the newest Craze? The inability to spell and be lazy?

  Even the most grammatically correct and spelling ambassadors muck up on Facebook.

But that isn’t what this is about.   Its about peoples desire for attention.

For example I used to be friends with this girl but I broke the friendship off because I didn’t think she was a nice person. At first she accepted that, but then she decided about ten minutes later that she was going to show me exactly how not nice she can be. So she threw a bunch of abuse at me and then gave my number out. She gave my number to her friend and I guess who it as from the voice. So my partner told her it was so and so, she freaked out and called my partner in tears claiming she had acid reflux and needed his help to cure it. After my partner gave her a cure she turned the subject onto the giving out the number, claiming she didn’t give it out and asking how we had found out who it was.

  Earlier this year well after that happened I accidentally called the number that belonged to the person who had received it from my ex friend, and she answered with her name and it just confirmed that this person had given out my number to her friend and called my partner all just for attention. Well she did get her attention, she also made a fool of herself.  

Its funny what people will do for attention sometimes.  

Back to being freshly pressed. Your day will come, I hope mine will come too because wouldn’t it be nice to feel important for a Day?

  I think it will.   Brit

‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ heats up: Charity orders public burning of the erotic novel

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Fifty Shades of Grey just got a whole lot hotter. (Couldn’t resist the pun.)

A British charity for domestic abuse has announced plans to hold a mass burning of E L James’ erotic novel. Clare Phillipson, director of Wearside Women In Need, described the book as “dangerous” and insisted that it could potentially encourage domestic abuse.

“I do not think I can put into words how vile I think this book is and how dangerous I think the idea is that you get a sophisticated but naive young woman and a much richer, abusive older man who beats her up and does some dreadful things to her sexually,” Phillipson said.

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Things I’m afraid To tell you

It wasn’t too long ago that I read this post from truth and cake and there is a section is it about the movement ‘things I’m afraid to tell you.’ started this movement, and from what I understand it has become really popular among people in such a short time.

It makes me really think about all the things I am afraid to tell people… In fear of them getting angry at me, hating me, getting upset or offended.  

When you only have a lifetime on this earth why should we waste our time being afraid? I mean at the end of the day money will buy you food, clothes, pointless things and keep a roof over your head, but why don’t you save up your money, pack up, and go over seas for a little?  

I hear that its too expensive to go over seas, but here where I live you can go to Thailand for less than $500 and live like a king for a week or two over there. No I’m not trying to sell you cheap flights… Although jetstar are good for that.  

But spending your life being Afraid To do things means you might miss out of something amazing, and it is the same with being Afraid To tell someone something you really want to tell them.  

For example… Your afraid To tell the guy you like that you like him – you miss out and he goes on to get with someone else, you get jealous and kick yourself over it. Even if the outcome isn’t what you expect if you told this guy then you would know then and the if he liked you too, and if he didn’t then you can move on and be happy with your life instead of being miserable and waiting for him.   There are so many things that I would love to say to people but I to am afraid of the reaction… Mainly because there probably all offensive and will upset them. You know what they say ‘if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all’  

My question today for you guys is: Is there something you are afraid to tell someone? If there is why don’t you write it down and place it in a sealed envelope and never post it

A truly inspirational post deserves an ‘im trying to be inspirational’ counter post

One thing I have learnt in my few months of blogging is that you will almost always stumble upon something you really just needed to read, it is as if the blogging world has all the answers to your questions or senses when you need cheering up or to read something inspirational.

I myself have written a few post that received comments such as ‘i really need to read this right now’ and ‘this is so close to home, thank you for writing this.’

I think that’s what makes writing is so beautiful and pure to me. The fact that as writers we sit here in hope that someone out there will read what we have written and feel inspired or feel joy, any emotion really because we are looking for a reaction and its a given fact that we succeed in that. Whether we notice it or not. Someone somewhere out there is reading our posts as we write and enjoying every second or it.

They are sharing it with friends and family saying ‘hey check out what this person has to say’ and the emotions share. It’s like a story on the news, the shop owner or the local deli across from one of my old schools died recently and the word spread that he was an amazing man. Soon the whole entire school stood there across the road to pay there respects, even the kids that had never met him. Why? Because he was truly an inspiring man. But he just owned a deli some people said. No he didn’t just own a deli, he earned a family through owning a deli, he provided words or wisdom and help when we needed, he provided those much needed iced coffees in the morning and the annoying reminders that school was about to start.

See how something so small can go along way? Whether it be writing or owning a business, selling your words or selling iced coffee and sugary snacks, everyday as writers or business owners we inspire people without knowing.

We will never know how many people out there really read our writing but I at least know that I an writing for the right reasons and that I am reading many posts that are amazing. And I always let them know it.
So today I ask you to think about what writing means to you.

You can post your reply in here or email it to or maybe you can just write it down on a piece of paper and stick it somewhere where you can be reminded of it every time you find yourself doubting your ability to write.

Brit x


Truly inspirational,

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Just a few hours ago, I was at a facebook tea-party. And if you weren’t there I’m sure you’re probably wondering what that is. Well, this particular one is an exciting, power- packed edutainment event put together by the power minds community to communicate, Network and exchange ideas. The term ‘facebook’ here goes a long way to show you how powerful the social media has become.

The tea-party attracted a huge crowd. There was tea, jazz, music, comedy etcetera.
I made a slide presentation during the event, sharing some powerful ideas, and also thoughts from some amazing and successful people all over the world. I literarilly tried to activate the already excited audience, and get them fired up!
At the end of the event,(of course i didn’t leave until I had my hot, sizzling cup of cappuccino tea) some young people who obviously enjoyed the event (I…

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Talking about our generation


Not too long ago I decided I would re-activate my facebook to keep in contact with distant family… Man do I regret that. I remember now why I quit it in the first place.

They need a facebook rehab. Yes I do see the few benifits of facebook and why it is so addictive but when you go a few months without using the site, you realize how pointless it has become. Once a site to keep connected now a site to be ashamed of. Shame on you facebook users.

Shame on you for creating groups such as ‘sluts embarrassing themselves’ and stealing girls pictures for your group and shame on those who support that behaviour. Shame on parents who allow their underaged 9-12 year olds use facebook without close monitoring. Shame on girls posting nude photos of themselves… It’s facebook for faceporn. Just shame on you…

I really had hope for the newer generations to mine when I was younger, I used to this ‘man when these kids grow up they’ll have so much opportunity and so much to look forward too’ but now I see that all they care about is fighting on facebook, looking good on facebook, who has more friends on facebook and so on.

When I was 9 I was sitting at home with my parents doing home work or playing pokemon monopoly with my sisters (still love that game.) I didn’t go to the shops dressed like a stripper and hangout at my local shopping center with my ‘mates’ and I surtainly did not pay attention to boys.

Now when I go to the shopping center I see that… From children and teenagers.

I didn’t go to my first real ‘party’ until I was 14 and it was the worst mistake I had made because my so called ‘friends’ decided it was funny to spread a rumor about me at school the next day all because a boy said hi to me.

When I was 14 I still hadn’t had my first ‘real’ boyfriend. Now kids are sexually active before they are even in highschool. Still children… It’s sad really. I mean am I supposed to have hope for my kids future if the generation that are having children are children themselves?

Maybe I am just crazy and its exactally the same as when I was a kid minus the fact that technology wasn’t the best back then. Or maybe… Just maybe I am not and the newer generations are acting like a complete bunch of morons that need to get back to reality…

Maybe I am just having a bad day… A very bad cynical day… Hmm

Thoughts everyone?

Oh Ruby, you amaze me with your strange behaviour.

I sit here staring at this computer screen typing away at my story and I realize that I am almost up to chapter 2 of my book. I have been contemplating posting the first chapter on here just to get some critique on it but then I think about it spoiling my story and all my efforts.

See, me being not so confident in sharing my writing with people I think I will keep this one a bit private at the moment and just posting a few paragraphs here and there to get some opinions but not enough paragraphs in case someone out there reads it and decides to steal my work.

So with saying that I give you 2 paragraphs of my story, please be nice ha ha… and keep in mind I am not the best writer and will be re-writing it over and over again because I am never pleased with my work.

Enjoy –

I quickly moved away from the pay phone as I just could not stand the smell anymore it was horrid. I decided pacing the car park again would be the best idea for me right now; surely I look like a crazy woman now – answering random pay phone calls and constant pacing of this deserted car park.  

I am not sure how much time I had just wasted trying to figure out how I was going to make my way to my ‘so called home’ but man did it feel like forever. ‘Maybe this is what it feels like to be alone, who am I kidding, I am alone and in a car park and why am I in a car park… ugh maybe I should try and hitch hike… wait does that even work these days… shit what is the date?’ My thoughts were racing through my head, one after another and by this point I was just confusing myself so I decided to just sit down and take a breath.

Please let me know what you think. Once I am a few chapters into writing my story I will let you guys know what it is actually about. I hope it isn’t too horrible for you guys to read.