More paper please.


It’s been a while since I have written more for my novel. The break is much needed – but it wasn’t intentional.

I’ve only had my laptop 11 months now, and about 4 months ago, my toddler destroyed it – he pulled off majority of the keys, somehow deactivated the little touchy mouse pad thing and about a week later the charging doc stoped working.

Now ofcourse I backed up my work – I’ve printed out the chapters and there should be a copy on dads computer, and a USB somewhere.

What bothers me about the situation us not having a computer in general – I would like to get a new laptop, but splurging on a new laptop would be a horrible stab to my bank account – which I can not afford at all.

I was hoping to get atleast half of my novel written by the end of the year, but now it looks like I am going to have to extend that until middle of next year – maybe.

The problem is, having no computer really sucks – if you are wondering – I write all my blog posts on my phone (which would explain the spelling and grammar errors you may come across.)

Sure – I could use my dads computer, but I cant read the screen properly, my eyes have gotten worse since I have had my glasses (6 months) – I get head aches now and my eyes hurt – so its too painful to sit and write at my dads computer with his obscene computer screen.

I would write it all on paper, but I don’t have enough and have no time to buy more at the moment.

So I guess I am thankful for this break.

Question: How do you feel with where you are at, personally with your writing?

Eg: emotions and thoughts on it.

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7 thoughts on “More paper please.

  1. I hope you can get a new laptop soon. Dang kids!! I don’t consider myself a writer in the literal sense, rather just a plain old blogger who makes tons of spelling and grammar errors. But, this is all for fun and meeting fellow internet junkies online. No worries!

  2. Good post, and I agree with much of what you are saying. Not having a laptop would heinously injure your writing capabilities, but I myself am in one of those stages where writing is unable to compete with my job and university work and thus has needed to take a vacation for the past few months. I hope you eventually acquire a new laptop or something or other that will advantageously benefit your writing capabilities, however, every writer goes through an issue where they need to postpone their goals, etc. Just have to grin and bear it I guess. :D

  3. Toddlers and keyboards dont mix! If you want to develop the inner geek in you, you could buy a Rasberry Pi computer (, plug it into your TV, get a keyboard and mouse, install a chrome browser and use google docs. It might cost $50, and little of time figuring out the technology, but I’m confident it would work. Just an idea. BTW, I was reading previous post of yours and was reflecting on the name Atlas, which is also my youngest sons middle name. My middle sons middle name is Zephyr. Middle names are so cool. Take care, Paul.

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