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The first in our series on the year in Australian tertiary education and training, as recorded in the pages of The Scan.


budget-cuts-23The apparent end of the world arrived for the Victorian TAFE sector about 8 months earlier than the scheduled date of 21 December.

On 28 April, the Victorian government pre-announced, through The Australian, swingeing cuts to TAFE funding, which essentially removed any special funding for TAFE as the public provider of vocational education and training in Victoria.  It was gobsmacking stuff, as reflected in The Scan’s first comment – indeed, the first published comment of any kind – published on 30 April (Once was TAFE):

Publicly provided TAFE will survive, for the time being at least, but it is hardly likely to prosper.   You can see a path where many of the TAFEs become residualised, with underutilised assets and need “special assistance” to…

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  1. There are similar things happening in the States. I see this system (that you mention here) as unsustainable. At some point, cuts must be made or the system will simply crash. The president that was foolishly put back in office here in the States has increased those on the government dole by leaps and bounds in his first 4 years as an example. The programs you mention are at some point unsustainable and must be cut back to a manageable number. I certainly understand the public frustration too. They’re needs are of course legitimate. Here, people can no longer find work due to ignorance in Washington. Hence, they end up on the government dole – just what this socialist president wants! Sorry for the rant.

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