What if money didn’t matter?

Today mum showed me a video called ‘what if money didn’t matter.’ It is a short 3 min vid basically saying “forget money, do what you want or be unhappy for the rest of your life” in a nutshell.

I completely agree – which brings me to today.

Today is a very interesting day, there is still a few things I have to get done today, I am lucky to have gotten this far (insert ‘ive gone clinically insane’ laugh here.)

Tomorrow I will be boarding ‘The Overland’ train to Melbourne – with my little family. With that I will also be starting my slow journey around the world – Starting with Victoria.

The line that really makes you question everything you’re doing is “why work in a job you’re unhappy at, to earn money, to be able to continue working in a job you’re unhappy with” I believe this is spot on.
When you look at it from my point of view, you only have one life, why waste it being unhappy?

Why go to work everyday, come home, sit in front of the tv and hoard all that money you have accumulated? What just because ‘if you don’t have money you can’t do anything’

All you need is a backpack full of the basics, a pen and some paper. Then you’re set, you can travel anywhere you want.

“But how, with out money I can’t do anything?”

This is where we as people have forgotten that money is a man made currency, and no matter how rich you are, you are in debt and so is the country you live in or visit. You can trade things, sell stuff, busk, answer jobs in the local paper where you are staying – if you actually talk to people and are willing to try new things, you can travel anywhere you’d like, earn commodities and always find a place to stay. It’s an experience, it makes you uncomfortable thinking about it, but people do it for a reason – you only have one chance on this planet, make it count by living life with an open heart and an open mind. Forget the materialistic things, forget the money and just live!

Stay tuned for my very first travel post.

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25 thoughts on “What if money didn’t matter?

  1. I must say I was 100% happier when I left my crappy, depressing job. I got published, wrote 3/4 of my book, realised what I really want to do in the immediate future and haven’t even been that impeded by the plummet in income.

    1. Exactly, since you left your job, we have all noticed in your writing and in person, that you are much more confident in where you want to go in life – I must admit before you started uni last year, I was starting to wonder if you were just filling in time, pondering.
      :) happiness is the key!

  2. Happiness has never been entangled with money. It has been truly said that for everything else there is a visa card while few things are priceless.

  3. You raise some very valid points… I have always believed that money is but one form of currency, albeit the only officially recognized format. Sometimes Gratitude, Courage, Love, and Time are all currencies that we share and exchange and need to value in the same manner that money is valued. I believe that is what you are saying in this post?

  4. Hi
    I’m agree with you that now days money make us so many problem’s, and we know it was invented by our ancients to make the life easier, not to make it unhappy and like know. and what I really like to know is this ” Why? why it made or life like know? “

  5. money is a relationship (like any other). it is energy. settle for anything less than the best….that is what you will get. it is very easy to make a living and still do what you love.

  6. I many times think think think about how life could be without money, not for me but for all the people that regulate their life on it. What can I tell the worse invention of human is money, we have forgot to be happy, to feel, to learn, life is learning and so wonderful when we notice all the beautiful things that nature and other people can bring your spirit. Thank you!

    1. That is so true, sure it can’t be helped that we have to use money all the time, but if we don’t let it control or define us then we will be much happier living without it. I know so many people that stress over not having it nf week, but you look at all the things they have already, and it seems they have forgotten about what they have. It keeps most in dissatisfaction with life.

  7. Great reminder. It is so much of a struggle not to be material in a material world. Stress is a huge reality for so many (me included) and much of that stress is caused by overload in roles we were never born to play. Enjoy the travelling!

  8. I saw the video just a week ago and it was so powerful. I totally agree with you… Life is all about the experiences and not money. People have it wrong all this time, thinking that the more money they make.. The happier they’ll be. That’s a wrong formula taught by the society. I see you’re coming to Melbourne? I’d love to meet you in the city and talk about life. Hehe Im in Melbourne for another month.

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