Men respect women who respect themselves

We have all been in that situation, you know the one when you walk into someones home and the woman of the house in practically in her underwear, or there is a woman in the shopping mall who should really put some more clothes on. Well I have definitely been there.

Sex sells – we all have grasped the concept of that, but in this day and age we aren’t all prostitutes, so why are women dressing like they are one?

In writing this particular post, I admit to once upon a time dressing with such vulgarity that you would rather lock me in a room and not let me out on the street. But these days, I would rather dress like a mother, not a woman on the prowl seeking her next victim.

It’s funny that this particular subject came up in conversation while talking with a friend and then again with my partner not too long ago. We were discussing various ways women can degrade themselves by wearing different clothes and acting a certain way. This is one of the many reasons I love the show ‘Ladette to Lady’ and I think a lot of people could learn a lot from this show and shows like ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’.

Ladett to lady
Snog Marry Avoid
Snog Marry Avoid

These shows teach women that Men don’t want to see you in your underwear… unless it is in the proper Intimate moment or unless you are in a porn video… and life is not a porno, so why are there girls (yes girls) as young as 6 these days, parading the streets in their underwear.

I know that a lot of woman think that being able to dress like this no matter what shape or form empowers them and they don’t care what others think. But it isn’t really empowering at all, and quite frankly it is very unflattering – No matter what size you are.

But it isn’t just in the streets, it’s all over the internet aswell – especially social media sites where the images are public to EVERYONE if they happen to get into the wrong hands. This like posting pictures of yourself in your underwear to show everyone ‘I am confident in my skin’ when really you could just write a status about it and be done with it. When people see an image of someone in barley nothing, whether they are pregnant or just lost weight they don’t think ‘Wow’ you look amazing with nothing on… they thing ‘Ok is there something wrong with that person?’ Well that is what I think anyway, especially when if I can stumble upon pictures like that accidentally, who intentionally is behind the screen using the images for their own personal joy or who is planning on using it to completely embarrass you for the rest of your like eg: make a meme out of your embarrassing picture?

Gosh! who knew writing a blog post about self-respect could be so hard?

Maybe if they taught Etiquette in every school we wouldn’t have this problem.

Please share your thoughts.



15 thoughts on “Men respect women who respect themselves

  1. Yep, it’s sickening how sex is filling every possible area of media, with no regard to age or gender. The other day in Las Vegas we witnessed people handing out little cards advertising shows and other sex venues to anyone, little children regardless of gender. And it’s legal as long as they stay a certain distance from shops and such. The world has gone amoral.

  2. I love the show snog, marry, avoid. I think it a brilliant concept. Definitely need more shows like it! They wouldn’t have trouble finding people needing make unders that’s for sure. The topic around the way women/girls act and dress these days is quite sensitive. A lot of people will comment that it’s very non-feminist to think that females shouldn’t “give away the farm” so to speak and that we’ve earnt the right to wear what we want and celebrate our bodies. A bikini on the beach is one thing but a skirt so short you can see a girls lady bits.. totally different! I agree that outfits are getting smaller and smaller and morals also certainly count for less and less. The other day a high school near my house had a mufti day and some of the outfits were just plain trashy! midriff tight tops and shorts so short you can see butt cheek are mot appropriate school attire. Not just that but basic good manners have taken a back seat too. Sigh..

  3. I agree, I hate seeing that. It’s like, ‘helloooo, no one wants to see your hoo-haa” I also hate when women dress like that and then hate when men look at them…well of course they’re going to look! And then they hate being called easy and whatever else, but…if you’re dressing like a prostitute, then what do you expect?
    I’m not saying that women shouldn’t dress the way they want, but why would anyone want to dress like that? I think perhaps they think it’s empowering in some way.

  4. I totally agree with you! I don’t understand why women have to dress so revealingly these days. I dress extremely modestly and get called prim and proper for it in an insulting way at times. I just smile and say it’s who I am! I don’t see the point of revealing so much of your self especially in social situations but that’s just me! I have friends who think the height of style is to wear a dress that doesn’t even reach mid-thigh! I don’t judge them but neither do I share their views on the matter.

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