Social reaction

So, I’ve been banging my head for ages trying to figure out why the only social interaction (reaction) I get from my younger sibling is negative.

I talked to my mother about this and my partner, but its no use, I have to tell you all as well…

I live in another state, I moved interstate to be closer to Melbourne, so I could study and become a neuroscientist. That was my choice, and its the only way I can do this.

But it comes at a price, I lost pretty much all contact with most my family… Well besides my mum, she talks to me regularly. I guess I just assumed she told everyone else what I was up to, but she just assumed they actually read my facebook or spoke to me.

Not many people read these sorts of posts, but its like I have no one else to talk too… Well that’s wrong, you all read and listen… And that’s just it, someone to listen is all I need… A solution, well we have all tried and failed. It seems hopeless… Maybe it is.

Its stressful living interstate, trying to study, trying to keep in contact with family, when only one member contacts you all the time. Its stressful waiting for a “hey, how are you?” That I know will never come. Its stressful trying to explain to someone that I miss them and having to put up with being ignored or insulted as a result… Because its amusing.

And its stressful that I rely on my page on data to try and find some normality and clarity….

It just is stressful…

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2 thoughts on “Social reaction

  1. Unfortunately life can often be stressful. Perhaps you could try and do an email newsletter once a week/month – on a fairly regular basis – and just let people know what you are doing, how hard you are working, and try and pick up on some issues from back home that people can relate to. Going out on a limb is always difficult, but if that’s what you want to do then you just have to find a way to cope and hope others will too. Best of luck.

  2. It is stressful! I have the same problem, I went to live in another nation and it’s hard! You miss your friends a lot and you miss your family! And I got a reply from my brother every three or four text I send to him…Oh well…

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