Beautifully said…

There is this kids show my eldest watches. Its singing potatoes… Yes singing potatoes, how bizarre right? I guess maybe the creators thought singing potatoes would make kids want to eat their veggies… Or just play with potatoes, ahh the perfect birthday present “Happy birthday, its a potato because I know how much you like those singing ones on TV.”


I have always wanted to write a post that was so beautifully written that who ever was reading could just feel physically what I had written about.

“Dem feels man, dem feels.”

I’ve never known exactly what to write that could do this. I’ve read books on how to, I’ve tried to and I’ve read posts so beautiful that I wish I knew the person who wrote it.

But what have I personally learnt in my time of reading all about how to write different things? A few things actually… Certainly not how to write the most amazing novel in my life… See it doesn’t work that way… Not for me anyway.

An amazing blog post, or an amazing story, can be written beautifully, unintentionally, and sometimes it has been planned for a long time, worked on for months in drafts and written over and over to incorporate every big beautiful word you could find at least once in the post.

“You reading this are a writer, your smile has a story and your mind wants to tell it” – Me, original post My addiction to writing in my head

That post in particular, yes it is one of my best, and it is also supposed to be a beautiful post. I guess it is but its up to the reader to decide that. Something that is beautiful to me, isnt always beautiful to others and something that is ugly to me, isn’t always ugly to others.

So I think over all, no matter how many different things you read about getting in touch with your sensitive side or how to connect to a particular audience. It might be the person you least expect, to come along and show you that you can just write a beautiful post.

You don’t even need to read all the books on how to do it.
You kind of just have to write it and see what happens.

Writing is an art, an art where words come together in such a way that it tells a story

What ever story you desire.

As a writer you have the ability and tools to create art every single day.
With or without structure and boundaries, with or without colour, or understanding and confusion.
You have the ability to personally effect someone, somewhere in the world, with one liners and characters, with adventure and turmoil and with the perfect happy ending or the perfect suicide.

“I like art because art is beautiful” little singing potato on my tv.

2 thoughts on “Beautifully said…

  1. Beautifully written posts where the reader feels the words, I think those posts can only happen when the post comes from somewhere honest, and where the writer has grown in some way between the beginning and the end. They kind of happen out of somewhere true. Like your post on going from thin to pregnant to big to losing weight (I hope you remember which one haha) That was one of those honest, growing ones that connects people to the writing.

    As for books helping you write a better novel or post. You might have seen my picture of all my books from uni / life that are guides on how to write better? I haven’t finished any of them fully because I haven’t needed to yet, but they have their uses. If I want to write a mental illness correctly, I can consult the book. If I want to know about the history of English literature, I check out the timeline in that book. If I want to know about screenplays I can take a look at this book, instead of just jumping in and expecting to know how to do all these things just from my creative side. Reading a lot helps, too. You can’t really teach creativity, but you can hone it and mold it and learn how to best use it. So I agree, you can’t just read a book and suddenly know how to write a novel or a blog post. They can just give you an understanding or a tip that helps you make your craft represent your feelings and intentions and story better, but that can be the difference between a piece that reads well and one that doesn’t I suppose! I was actually planning a blog-post on this, but I would have to read all the books cover-to-cover to know exactly how helpful they were and then write with my knew knowledge so it’s a while away as I read them piece by piece.

    Also, a potato sounds like a fantastic gift.

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