Campus life

Here at RMIT, they call uni ‘Campus’ life. Which ideally makes sense, I will be spending 4 days a week on campus, everyday, for 6 months. So far I am loving it. I haven’t done any schooling in a very long time, so you could say I was really anxious before I came here. But now 4 days in and I have already made a few friends. Hopefully people I can keep in my life for a long time. That is how it works right? you meet a person, they become your friend and then you are like this unbreakable little group, a group that make crazy, wild, adventurous plans to travel the world… yeah I don’t think that will be happening any time soon… but hey one can dream right?

Anyway. So this week has been the first week of my science course. I know that I havent really been keeping my blog up to date, but I havent really had much to say really… I have literally just been going to bed at midnight, waking up at 3:30-4 am, leaving my house at 5, walking to the train station which takes an hour. Then I have to travel on a bus for 2 hours, it takes around an hour to walk to my uni… and I get to class around half an hour late… Woops. But hey that is only this week because there are no trains.

Never fear my fellow bloggers, I will keep you up to date with my ‘Campus life’

Happy blogging :P

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