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Are we obsessed with food?

This morning I watched a debate on TV about whether we are obsessed with food or not. I love watching debates on real issues like these – unlike the news, which is filled with cute little fluffy animals causing traffic jams and celebrity sham marriages and rehab visits. With every debate you have your pro’s and con’s, and your for’s and against, and so on…

Today I was left agreeing with both sides of this particular debate.

The “Yes we are obsessed with food” side bought up some really troubling issues in regards to our obsession such as – food wastage, food pornography, contamination and climate change

And the against side basically said “No we aren’t obsessed with food, we are obsessed with eating… oh and sport”

*Cough cough* ehmmm… yeah, why are there so many obese people?

My opinion was left as this – We are obsessed enough to over eat, but we aren’t obsessed nearly enough as we should be about what we eat. In other words, we as a nation (Australia, but if the shoe fits…) choose convenience over quality, fast food because we are lazy, imported because its cheaper, they can make more money off importing cheap “goods” and they have no concern for the farmers who are losing their land in the process, and we settle for polluted or contaminated food because we just don’t care at all and we settle.

When I started my blog “All World Issues” I wanted to write about real issues in the world, I have had my blog for almost a year now, and in that time I realised that who was doing what on Facebook wasnt a real issues – the real issue is how it has been used to market you junk, expose the young to pornography and studies have shown the use of Facebook everyday is linked to mental illness associated with jealousy of others lives,the constant need to be noticed and keyboard warrior like obsessions. I realised that breast-feeding in public wasnt an issue either… but the substitute for it (Formula) and the reaction of many mothers when it came to breast-feeding was the real issue… quite frankly I find it appalling that another woman would see breasts as mens ‘sex toys’ instead of what they are, a milk supply for our babies. Media is the blame for breasts being marketed as sex toys…
This, this here, this post highlights what an ‘All world issue’ is and lucky I do indeed have social media platforms I can share it around on.

So by 2025, we can guarantee that 80% of the world will be obese if we don’t change soon… Oh and at least 3 of the ingredients in “real fruit” roll ups are used in the production tailor-made cigarettes, yes those little cancer causing sticks.

Then we have the fact that obesity and poor diet related problems, have now become the number 1 cause of preventable deaths world wide – preventable meaning you can prevent premature death by living a healthy lifestyle.

Issues were bought up about mass production of farm animals (aka livestock) – There would be no reason to mass produce animals if people did not have a 3 burger a day diet. Not to mention the fact they spend more money on feeding these livestock grains then they do ensuring we are eating healthy food, in the wild these livestock would eat grass and drink water, they would not eat wheat, scraps, have antibiotics and hormone/steroid treatments. I am not saying don’t eat meat – as I learnt today the humans needs to eat meat, meat has amino acids that flush toxins out of your body and amino acids that aid the development and regrowth of healthy muscle tissue. This also doesn’t mean go out and buy a 24 pack of sausages and have a BBQ with the only guest being yourself… sausages are extremely processed, hardly meat, full of bad fats and all in all completely bad for you. The deli section at my local safe way sells “Ham off the bone” to the public and what they don’t realise (the public) is that only about 45% of it is ham…the rest is preservatives, chemicals never ment for human consumption, food colouring and dyes, artificial flavourings etc… (You can ask your local deli worker which deli meat has the most meat in it, its written on the back of the cards.)

Food wastage being another huge issue. One of the debaters pointed out that there are farmers out there ripping out all their fruit trees because big company’s know its cheaper to buy force ripened and imported “fresh produce” instead of buying locally… and lets face it, fruit and veg tasted a lot better 10 years ago. The local fresh produce that has been pulled out of the ground because their looks werent aesthetically pleasing and was more expensive to buy, will be contributing to the sixty billion dollars worth of perfectly good food wasted every year… by the way this is also the same amount of money we give to the poor and starving in third-world country’s every year to aid world hunger. I read an article written by an african woman once, she explained that all they money given to them is never seen because the government is corrupt – so why don’t we give them the food we don’t want instead? we would technically be saving twelve billion dollars a year, and the amount of food we all waste is enough to feed poor family’s 3 meals a day for a year… I see a solution to world hunger that is not being used here guys.

We are all contributing to the problem (myself included) by seeking aesthetically pleasing food over local and interesting looking food. We are setting our kids up for failure because we as a nation are too proud to admit we have a HUGE problem – we could fix this problem tomorrow if we all went down to our local farmers market and did our shopping there for once instead of our local Safeway. By choosing convienience over quality and health, we are willingly inviting the imported food we complain about into our country and we still aren’t satisfied because it doesn’t look “nice”.
Our children are the first ever generation that will no surpass us because of this ‘obsession’ with eating unhealthy food and the need for convience. Yes you read correctly, your children probably wont live longer than you and some unfortunate parents will watch their children eat themselves to death.

So when are we going to do something about it?

How I became the writer I am today.

With only highschool poetry published to my name, it’s hard to live up to the same, in depth and emotional descriptive standards I have set for myself. I clearly don’t play my cards right when it comes to this…

I know

I know – why on earth would you get poetry published first, let alone when you were in highschool, when hormones fuelled the clearly way to emotionally filled poems that just so happen to be great enough to be published.

Learning the cards of life is hard. Harder than poker it seems, although poker is pretty hard, I have no idea how to play it still. But I am not much of a gambler…

I like losing sometimes when in comes to gambling though, reminds me that it’s not always about winning or being the best. This is what makes me the writer I am today – knowing that there are better writers than me, knowing that I might only ever have poetry published… And not many people read poetry, or understand it for that matter.

Knowing I could write a book, get it published and maybe only sell 50 copies. Acceptance is what makes me a good writer – you could ideally have the best idea in the world. Doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to like it.

I show myself every time I write a new blog post that I am committed to my writing, even now when I rely on my partners phone Internet, I still have managed to post a few posts.

At the end of the week we will be in our new house, and soon after hopefully we will have Internet.

What makes me a good writer? Behind hopeful, committed and happy with everything I write no matter what.

Whatever the weather

There are people in the world who say they like summer, or winter, they like crunching the autumn leaves or splashing in winters left over puddles as spring makes her way around the bend eager to greet them.

When I think of what season I like, sometimes I will say summer… When it’s winter, or winter… When it is summer. But that’s just being false just to suit the person I am talking too.

Every person lies, at least 3-10 times a day, we lie to strangers, to friends, and to loved ones and pets – no one can hide from our lies. It’s just what people do, some of the blogs I read are written as a known secret identity, where the writer can be truthful within their writing because they can not at home. Some of them are false realities that the authors have created because they wish their lives were like their imagination.
You can’t hide away from lies, ever, because no matter how holy, even the holiest of holy has holes.

So the truth is… I like every form of weather – because it just is, right there in your face, no lies, no deception… It just is plain and pure, in your face, wild weather and it’s pretty darn amazing!

Get out of your comfort zone

When you think of writing something that is out of your comfort zone, you can feel a bit stressed and anxious about it – because let’s face it, when we write on our blogs, it doesn’t matter how many times we claim “oh I just write for me” we all know that we also want people to like it and sometimes this leaves us feeling horrible after we have hit the publish button up until the part where we receive our first comment or like.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a part of life as we all know. Writing this post at the moment is out of my comfort zone because every post I write I feel as if it is not good enough only because I am writing it not reading it. Sometimes I look over old posts and forget that ‘Hey I actually wrote that’ because it was out of my comfort zone.

The circle that surrounds our life that we ever so strangely call ‘Our comfort zone’ should be pulled down every once in a while. Don’t get the wrong idea, I do not mean go run down the street naked because you wouldn’t usually do that… if you did that you would go to jail… and I don’t want to be blamed for that sort of thing. I mean when we write, we should throw ourselves out there and see what happens with our writing.

Although I realise, even if I did put myself in a writing course (which I would never do) I can never make a career out of writing, and lucky I don’t plan to… because honestly when I was finding writers for my new website, it seemed like there are more writers than there are jobs. So you would be lucky to get a consistent job in the writing field unless you were the boss of your own site – Like you are with your blog.

It’s the best thing about having a blog/blogs is the freedom of the written word that comes out of your mouth, you don’t have to answer to anyone, you don’t have to write something that everyone likes and you can always write something out of your comfort zone and not feel anxious about it, because almost 10 out of 10 times, no matter who you are and what you write, no matter who shows their interest and who reads your post and keeps it secret that they like it, and even the people who don’t have a way to show you they like your post, someone out there, will indeed no doubt like what you have written.


It takes a strong person to admit they need help

It takes a strong person to admit you have a problem and seek help. It’s something I was told when I confined in my mother in law for being labeled ‘insane’ for reading self help books. She is right, we aren’t perfect and it’s something we need to accept. It also doesn’t mean that you don’t work on yourself at all.

I’ve been working out at the gym consistently for 3 weeks straight now, after I had a 2 week break. Now realistically (regardless what you see on biggest loser) you can lose around 500gms -1.5 kg per week (depends how much you work towards it) but when losing weight, it doesn’t matter what number you see on the scales at all. In those 3 weeks I have only dropped 1.5kg. I was a little discouraged when I saw that but I also did something else, something that is more important than the number on those scales. I took a before and an after photo. I have lose around an inch and a half around my waist, hips, legs and arms. I can see how much I really have lost. I am committed to keeping that going. I am committed to losing more weight, and from these photos and reading as much information as possible.

When you accept that you need to make a change in your life, when accept you need to help yourself, you empower yourself and you should hold your head up high and be proud of yourself.

It takes a truly intelligent person to recognise they need help.

Take some notes and improve your life.

When I watch T.V, I watch only a small selection of shows (unless others are watching stuff around me.) A few of those shows are

-The Dr’s

- Dr Oz

- Dr Phil

When I watch shows like ‘The Dr’s’ and ‘Dr Oz’ I like to take notes – Because it is never too late and you are never too old, to learn more and improve your life or change the way you live.

Today I would like to share what I have learnt from todays ‘The Dr’s’ Episode “Myth or reality’.


Usually I would write down what I learn in a little note-book and share with a few people, but I know a few people who read my blog that could benefit from some of the stuff they shared.

Even though this episode had been filmed last year in 2012, it had only aired here in australia, so there is a huge chance that my american readers have already seen the episode and know about what I am going to share.

So as I mentioned earlier, the episode was a ‘Myth or reality’ episode. as dry usually do in these types of episodes, they did indeed go through some common myths about regular things.

The episode started with,

Is it healthy to have a bowl moment every day?’ this was a myth. Although it is of course healthy to poop (>.<)’ It is not a need that we do it every single day. If you like your once a day trip to the loo for number two, then by all means keep it up, but you don’t have to if on one day you feel like you can’t go. If you go less than 3 times a week, or have pain or feelings of constipation, increase your fibre intake for breakfast and drink more water. Also always remember to wash your hands after you go to the toilet, otherwise you can make yourself really sick and frequent the toilet more often than you would like.

Autumn the personal training robot” Yes, you read that right, a personal training robot names Autumn. :) Now I personally have never seen anything like it, I prefer the traditional personal trainer (well my partner who is studying Personal Training and nutrition at the Australian institute of fitness.) But this little buddy is a good solution for those who can’t afford the constant cost of a PT (rates vary per PT and country). I would assume that the technology for Autumn has been updated, but on this particular episode they showed how Autumn interacts with the owner and how she stores and keeps track of your progress, calorie intake and exercising. Autumn will also have a conversation with you as she has conversational skills and will try her best to motivate you to stay on track.–bfe’84ee1a9.jpg

“Is it ok to use sunscreen that is over a year old?” No it is not ok, not only do the chemicals used to make sunscreen change overtime (You should know this if you did chemistry and paid attention) But it also stops working… plus do you really want to be putting all those chemicals on your skin and your children’s skin? Lets face it, skin cancer is not fun at all, sun damage does not look great – sure having a tan is glorified but it is unhealthy and you can find better solutions to tan your skin then laying in the sun slowly sizzling your skin like a steak on the fry pan. Why not try a mineral based and water proof sun block? There is no need to re-apply this sunblock after it has been applied and it is %100 water proof – so you and the kids can go swimming and still be protected from the suns rays. On the episode they showed the Mineral Based Sunblock called ‘Tickle Time’

And lets clear something up here aswell, the sun does NOT cause skin cancer… but the ABUSE of the sunlight we are given does…

“It is always healthy to cook with olive oil” This is a myth, although olive oil is extremely healthy for you, you really need to be cautious of where you store it and how you cook it. When you cook it above 350 degrees (I assume because The Dr’s is an american show this means fahrenheit) which would mean 176 degrees celsius in australia, if you exceed these temperatures when cooking with olive oil, the oil becomes rancid and oxidizes – this is not good for you at all! Also storage, storing your olive oil in a place where there is sunlight causes the same effect. A suggestion was putting a few drops of Vitamin E Oil into your olive oil to stop the oxidation process.

Olive oil is among my favorite oils, I love to have a small teaspoon of olive oil mixed with balsamic vinegar (which is 0% fat and 0 calories plus fat metabolizing) with my salads. Also Olive oil is amazing for your skin, so olive oil based cosmetics are wonderful.

“Not all cheese’s are made with equal fat content” This is true, not all cheeses are the same and the most fattening is cream cheese.

“Obese teens eat fewer calories” This is true, usually obese teens became obese in childhood, so when the grow older, even though they eat less, they still don’t have much motivation to get up off the couch and do some exercise. One of the main problems with Obese people is although they see that they are fat, they are oblivious to what their organs on the inside look like and all the fat inside their arterys and around their heart. They usually don’t teach these things in school and most the time the TV is filled with the problem not the solution. So here is a few eye-opening pictures for you.

Do you see all that yellow around the bigger persons body? That is all fat. There is only an average of 2-4 KGS of bone in each person. And a lot of people are +50kgs over weight and it is doing damage to your bones, muscles and vital organs. As you can see in that picture the skeletal frame is only just able to keep itself from completely collapsing thanks to all your muscles and tendons keeping it all together.

“Does milk cause more phlegm production?” No it doesn’t, it just feels like it because milk is a similar consistency.

“Can flickering lights from your TV trigger your migraines?” Yes, they can but also it isn’t just TV’s that can trigger a migraine and it depends on the person. Some of the triggers can be – Red wine, Coffee, Chocolate, scented candles or incense, Yours or your partners perfume/cologne, stress and increased noise. So how can you tell when you are about to have a migraine? A lot of people experience something called an “Aura” which basically skews your vision and is usually described like this.

another symptom of a migraine onset can be nausea, difficulty concentrating and your speech may be distorted or you might have an inability to speak. Professionals suggest that you document your migraine because it could mean you have an underlying health condition, or your diet may need changing.  A diet of unhealthy food can cause migraines aswell. Documenting what you eat, when you eat it, what you are doing before your migraine comes on, how long it lasts and what happens while you have it, can be a great way for professionals to get to the bottom of it and to also tell you whether you are experiencing a ‘migraine’ or just a regular head ache.

Just remember everyone, make sure you include plenty of fruits, veg and meat in your diet. Balsamic vinegar and olive oil on your salad will not only taste great but assist you with your weight loss progress and take a multi-vitamin and plenty of Omega 3  AKA Fish oil capsules. Try to learn as much as possible (This does not mean learn as much as you can about someone else… Gossiping is wrong and extremely unhealthy also bad for your mental health. Especially if you are already jealous of someone.)

Who are you?

Who are you.

If it was not for your facade, you would be no one.

No one but a mere spec of human flesh and bones drifting upon the earth.

Like a leaf floats down a stream.

Who are you compared to your superiors.

To your friends and to your family.

Who are you to share your opinions based on what you’ve taken from others.

We have not known of the real you.

You have not known of the real you.

Who are you

And who am I?


A HUGE thank you to everyone in the wordpress-sphere and many more to come.

So it is nearing on close to a year since I joined word press, although in that year I havent had the honor of one of my post’s becoming ‘Freshly pressed’ I have worked hard to get to where I am today. Over 1000 Followers, and

I must say I have worked hard for every one of them.

So I am not much of a social network junkie, but I have had a twitter account for some time now and although I don’t go on it much, I am slowly getting the hang of it and I have finally added one of those ‘Hey follow me on twitter’ Widgets on the side of my blog *point to side*

Now I know, I know… Another way for my Stalkers to stalk me… but hey if it floats their boat right? I mean they are pretty insignificant to me now anyway :)

Starting my blog was probably one of the best things I could have done last year, I started it shortly after I finally bought my prescription glasses and was able to read and write without having difficulty seeing the screen (apparently I am as blind as a bat… well not that blind… not blind at all for that matter).

I have gained the confidence I really needed to finally say ‘Yes! I know what I want to do with my life and I am going to go for it.’ It gave me the confidence to share my opinion and speak my mind, and hear others opinions on the subject. It gave me the ability to finally show the world who I am through my writing and it gave me the chance to connect with my followers on another level.

There have been many times where writing has just been a pain in the backside for me over this past year, and times where it has just flowed like a river from my mind right onto the pages of my blog. There have been spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, controversial posts, friendships formed and stalkers have been able to feed their crazy sick weird habits by reading my every post. I also feel pretty safe knowing who my stalker is and the chair they sit on is wearing very thin…

I have been able to read so many wonderful posts written by you all and I hope to read many more. I also look forward to the years to come with my blog.

Starting my blog was like re-starting my life again.

For that I thank you all.

Men respect women who respect themselves

We have all been in that situation, you know the one when you walk into someones home and the woman of the house in practically in her underwear, or there is a woman in the shopping mall who should really put some more clothes on. Well I have definitely been there.

Sex sells – we all have grasped the concept of that, but in this day and age we aren’t all prostitutes, so why are women dressing like they are one?

In writing this particular post, I admit to once upon a time dressing with such vulgarity that you would rather lock me in a room and not let me out on the street. But these days, I would rather dress like a mother, not a woman on the prowl seeking her next victim.

It’s funny that this particular subject came up in conversation while talking with a friend and then again with my partner not too long ago. We were discussing various ways women can degrade themselves by wearing different clothes and acting a certain way. This is one of the many reasons I love the show ‘Ladette to Lady’ and I think a lot of people could learn a lot from this show and shows like ‘Snog, Marry, Avoid’.

Ladett to lady
Snog Marry Avoid
Snog Marry Avoid

These shows teach women that Men don’t want to see you in your underwear… unless it is in the proper Intimate moment or unless you are in a porn video… and life is not a porno, so why are there girls (yes girls) as young as 6 these days, parading the streets in their underwear.

I know that a lot of woman think that being able to dress like this no matter what shape or form empowers them and they don’t care what others think. But it isn’t really empowering at all, and quite frankly it is very unflattering – No matter what size you are.

But it isn’t just in the streets, it’s all over the internet aswell – especially social media sites where the images are public to EVERYONE if they happen to get into the wrong hands. This like posting pictures of yourself in your underwear to show everyone ‘I am confident in my skin’ when really you could just write a status about it and be done with it. When people see an image of someone in barley nothing, whether they are pregnant or just lost weight they don’t think ‘Wow’ you look amazing with nothing on… they thing ‘Ok is there something wrong with that person?’ Well that is what I think anyway, especially when if I can stumble upon pictures like that accidentally, who intentionally is behind the screen using the images for their own personal joy or who is planning on using it to completely embarrass you for the rest of your like eg: make a meme out of your embarrassing picture?

Gosh! who knew writing a blog post about self-respect could be so hard?

Maybe if they taught Etiquette in every school we wouldn’t have this problem.

Please share your thoughts.



Why I am an improv cook

I grew up watching my dad grab what ever was left in the cupboard and chuck it together (he called it a concoction) and it tasted amazing.

So when there is ‘nothing’ to eat (this is usually what people say when they can’t be bothered cooking in my experience) but I mean when there is not much left to eat, it’s a good skill to know how to create something from basics and non perishables or the things you can find in your garden.

It’s also a good idea if you start your own little herb and veg pot plant garden. Yes in pot plants because if you’re renting your house, you don’t always have the permission to garden your own way.


This is the contents of my freezer – as you can see there is a lot of veg, well it looks that way but there is actually a lot of salmon, lamb, mince, steak and smoked cod stashed between the veg In there. So we buy our meats in bulk. There is also a defrosted whole chicken in the fridge for dinner tonight (thank you to my wonderful mother in law for teaching me how to roast my own chicken last year.)

It really helps when you do have a family to buy in bulk. It may cost more but let’s be real here, paying $100 on meat that will last you 2-3 weeks means that you aren’t paying over $200 each week on food shopping. So you have left over money for savings or fun activities. So always but in bulk, and make sure you know where it comes from so go to a trusted butcher, or if you can visit a farm and pick your own animals out (I don’t do this because my freezer isn’t big enough but if you have a few deep freezers then 1 cow will provide you with almost a years worth of meat.)

Being an improv cook means I can use anything I find in the fridge, freezer and cupboard to make a meal. It’s like an improv actor – they use what they have and go from there.

I wanted to share a few of my improv dishes.

Starting with the ones I’ve posted on here

lazy lamb chops

Lemon and pepper salmon

Sunday roast

easy honey soya noodles

Now I will share a few quick yummy meal tricks.

Chicken breast cut into cubes, cook until cooked through, add honey and cook for further 5 mins, serve with noodles, rice or veg. Also good by themselves.

French toast, mix 1 egg and 1 cup of milk, dip bread In mix and cook on frypan until both sides are golden brown.

Stir fry veg, simple, mixed veg, soya sauce (this even works with tomato sauce) fry in fry pan.

Easy tuna pasta (I made this on camp for everyone) 1can tuna, milk, pasta, salt and pepper. Cook pasta until soft, strain, cook further 5-10 mins in milk, add salt and pepper and then mix with tuna.

Fish is perfect if you coat it in flour and water then fry it in butter or cool it in the oven.

Potatoes and pumpkins can be turned into chips if you slice them up and bake them in the oven for 20-30 mins.

Apple goes well in any salad as well.

Potatoes can be made into a nice potato salad with mayonayse, sour cream, Greek yoghurt and mint leaves.

So there you go, a few of my quick improv recipes, they are really quick and to be honest, you can make a meal out of anything in your fridge, freezer and cupboard.

Feel free to add your favourite easy improv recipe if you want.