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Beauty will be the saviour amongst us in these grey times

When was the last time you walked outside just after it has stopped raining and just felt the water on your feet? And I don’t mean walk down to the shops or anything I mean just stepped outside, bare foot and really felt the cold wet ground.

I did this today, heaps, mainly because where I sleep and where I write is in two different spots and you have to walk outside to get there and I just couldn’t be bothered putting on shoes.

As I stepped outside the sharpness of the cold wet ground hit me faster than I thought it was going too… And it felt good, it didn’t hurt, it was cold yes, but it just reminded me that life is so mysterious and beautiful.

Have you ever seen a spider web after it has been exposed to water? It’s so beautiful and calming in a weird ‘I was made by a creepy little thing with eight legs and fangs’ kind of way.

One topic I have written about over and over again is life and enjoying it. Still I write about these thongs but it doesn’t really seem like I am following my own advice… Maybe because I don’t have the money to go overseas right now or maybe because I find myself caught up with what others think of me too much.   Like I could write this post and maybe I’ll get my first negative response to my blog and I might end up quitting, who knows… But I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

I was reading a forum earlier about the book ‘fifty shades of grey’ because well it is only the most talked about book right now, I wonder how the author feels about that… No because my mum and I were talking about how the whole 20 something years her and my father had been together he hasn’t read a single book and then bam all of a sudden this book comes out and he buys it and it reading it and I made the comment ‘ it is written so poorly its probably the only book he would be able to read’ knowing that I myself have not actually read it…

I am not interested in reading this book as I don’t like the whole ‘girl falls in love with guy who turns out to be a creep and they have rough violent sex together’ concept, because honestly that isn’t what I call a good story… It’s what I call a sad attempt to jump into the ‘erotic novel’ club…

When I think of an ‘erotic novel’ I think about those old romance books you see in book stores but with a sex scene or two… In the missionary position for the sole purpose of pro-creation (that little joke is for my partner, he knows what I am talking about.)

But honestly Maybe I am just sheltered, am I being to judgmental about a book I haven’t read? Will all the bad reviews about it I can only come to the conclusion that it is not worth my time and I will just ask dad how it was when he his finished.

Anyway back to the forum, basically this lady was saying that she wasn’t going to read the book because it goes against the bible and she believes… And that is fair enough. There were almost 1000 comments on this forum, 50% of them were quotes from the bible backing up why the book is sinful and 30% was people having a go at the Christians posting throwing the commandment ‘judge not lest ye be judged’ back in their faces and then the 20% that was left were mixed opinions basically saying ‘yeah its poorly written and yes its sort of yuck but hey at least the author tried right?’

I agree with the last 20%… So what if the Christians are being judgmental, the whole human race is judgmental and it does go against the bible in their eyes so they are entitled to their opinion.

In these judgmental times I think we should all go stand in the rain… If it is raining where you are… And feel the rain, think of the rain and think about how even though there are some bad stories out there written about icky stuff, life is still beautiful and worth enjoying every bit of it.