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What makes humans amazing is their ability to adapt – adapt to cold, adapt to heat, adapt to new home, culture, school and language. We grow up continually needing to adapt to new situations. Our brain is the same, I once heard a story about a man who lost half of his brain, doctors had said over and over again that he would be a vegetable for the rest of his life, but his remaining half of the brain adapted to the situation, overcame the predicament. His remaining half of the brain compensated for the lost half of the brain.

“The human brain has a remarkable ability to adapt to various types of trauma, such as traumatic brain injury and stroke, making it possible for people to continue functioning after key brain areas have been damaged,” said Marcel Just, the D. O. Hebb Professor of Psychology at CMU and CCBI director. “It is now clear how the brain can naturally rebound from injuries and gives us indications of how individuals can train their brains to be prepared for easier recovery. The secret is to develop alternative thinking styles, the way a switch-hitter develops alternative batting styles. Then, if a muscle in one arm is injured, they can use the batting style that relies more on the uninjured arm.” quoted from https://www.cmu.edu/news/stories/archives/2013/january/jan16_brainadaptstoinjury.html

It’s not just brains though, emotionally we can adapt too. Deaths in the family or of a friend, loss of partner or a pet, loss of home or job. In all these situations, physically and emotionally we have to adapt… And very fast.
This ability to adapt ensures the survival of our species, for example: a mothers milk dries up, her young needs food, because people realised it isn’t easy for all mothers to feed their young, we developed formula and overtime a short time babies adapt to drink the formula.

This ability to adapt gives me great hope for the future of the human race, I also hope in generations to come that the human race will be able to find a way to live on other planets.

Titan – Saturn’s moon, is a earth like moon, only instead of water being all over it, it is methane. Methane oceans, rivers and rain. It also has a denser atmosphere to earth – astronomers believe the methane sort if just, slowly falls to the ground like snow flakes. With the apparent ‘rise’ in methane gases in our own atmosphere, maybe overtime humans will adapt to live in these kinds of conditions and move to Saturn’s moon instead (an unlikely story but just an example of where our adaptability could take us).

I would also like to point out, our ability to adapt can also set us back – now I’m not against technology, as we live in a technologically advanced world ( and it keeps getting better, can I hear a yay for graphene?


But our kids are glued to their phones, MP3 players, tabs and computers. When I watch TV I see advertisements majority of the time and for fast food. I see kids shows about fighting and movies about war, it’s no wonder people love the drama of fighting with strangers over social media – are we setting our children up for failure, are we teaching our children that fatty food and fighting is ok?

What happened to education? What happened to teaching out children about being nice to others? What happened to health? When was the last time you saw a healthy advertisement on TV? Well I see McDonald, hungry jacks ( Burger King for Americans) and KFC.


We unfortunately have not adapted as human beings to fill our bodies with trans fats, food additives, artificial colourings and so on. I think food wise we need to go back to basics, I think we need to get the fast food adds off the TV, play more documentaries, explore space more, fight less and stop being so involved with what other people are doing on Facebook, it was only a few years ago I stopped hearing the saying “I’ll call you” now it’s “speak to you on Facebook” – at least when you called someone you knew your conversation wouldn’t involve a bunch of nosy Nancys watching your every move because they don’t have anything better to talk about. Re: see: urban dictionary Facebook stalker

That is a pure example of the bad ways people can adapt, kids are growing up with the idea in their head that fighting over the Internet is normal, and stalking is normal and eating a whole days worth of fats and sugars in one meal 3-4 times a day is normal when it isn’t.

Keep in mind this Is my opinion and it is very clear to me many people don’t share the same views as me, but all I can do as a blog owner is speak my mind and hope to inspire.

Children ARE the leaders of tomorrow. So lets treat them that way.

“Ha” they said.
“You can never achieve that” they say.

I think back to school, all the bullying and all the times I was kicked out of class (for reacting to the bullies) and all the “you will nevers”

From what I believed, by year nine (13-14 years old) I would never ammount to anything. In my fellow classmates eyes I was just a ‘slut’ who just happen to still be a virgin. I have lost count of the amount of times I have been told I was stupid, dumb, useless or I wouldn’t achieve anything, and I began to believe them and eventually gave up.
I gave up on my art, singing (not cooking otherwise we wouldn’t eat) I just basically said ‘f@#k it’ and let the bullies win.

I recently watched a TED talks episode “Adora Svitak: what adults can learn from children.” I was blown away. Not only was she up on stage speaking in front of millions, she had a sense of humor like an ‘adult.’

Adora starts off by talking about being called ‘childish’ and points out how adults can be childish too (eg: war, slavery) ill add to this with calling your child names, saying its their fault, saying they will never ammount to anything and not encouraging them.
Adoras parents bought her, her very own laptop, which she wrote 300 short stories on that laptop by the age of 6. Adora wanted to get published, so instead of telling her to wait until she was older or telling her it was stupid, her parents supported her until they found a publishing company that would take her on and trust her.
Why? Because her parents invested what most adults see as their ‘precious and valuable me time’ into their precious, valuable and creative daughter. Yep its hard to believe there ARE still some selfless adults out there.

I was in the supermarket the other day with Jordan and our 2 little boys Setesh (19 months old) and Atlas (2 months.)
We were minding our own business, doing our grocery shopping when this woman tried to start a fight with us, we just ignored her, later on in the shopping trip she tried again. Calling us losers for being parents of two children. Now its morally wrong to judge other (even though we all do it) but by the looks of things, this woman might have been jealous of us. We didn’t know her, we didn’t speak to her, we hadn’t even looked at her and she was with her pre-pubescent boy. They were both wearing clothes that looked like they had come from a second hand store or off the side of the road, but what she also didn’t realise is that I am on welfare too and its the same ammount as her if not less – so we were both ‘losers’ in the eye of the public.
Its this type of bullying and behavior that keeps a lot of people from achieving their goals. Because of this event we left the supermarket having done only half of our shopping – in fear or further abuse and avoidance of the situation.
How could some stranger treat us like that? Something must have intimidated her – the thought of someone possibly being better than her. This is where most parents go wrong with their children. The fear of their own offspring surpassing their intellectual status and becoming more successful or in general ‘better than they were.’

Failing to see that is the point.

Its to teach your offspring so they can be better, not the same and not less but better.

I’ve written about my son Setesh before, now I am surtain he can become something amazing.

Setesh is 1, he will be 2 this year. He can count to 10 and read (yes read) and recognize numbers from 1 to 6, he can solve simple puzzles (eg:- red red, blue blue, red red what comes next, answer being blue blue) he can collect items all of the same colour and tell you what colour they are, he can ask you questions and he can trick you. He will figure out how something works almost instantly ( you might as well give your new smart phone to him so he can show you how to use it.)
Of course that will spark some jealousy within other mums with children Setesh’s age, but why Setesh is they way he is, is because he has a group of people around him all day, everyday investing their precious spare time teaching him, talking to him, playing with him and no body talks to him like a baby.

Old saying – it takes a village to raise a child.

I’m not saying do as I do, I am simply pointing out how simple encouragment can go along way – we play flash cards with Setesh now.


I wish when I was in school I was continually encouraged, like Adora and Setesh. But my childhood is in the past now.

This year I started studying to become a ‘Neuroscientist’ and I realised there is no reason why I can’t teach Setesh this stuff too. Like Adora suggests – adults need to start trusting kids more. So I can trust that Setesh will turn out fine if I teach him what I am learning, I think it will be good for him. And yes he will still be my little baby but I want him to be better than I was when he is my age.

I was both my boys to surpass me physically and intellectually.

Because they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Pigeons fly to chapter five

“Pigeons… ugh such an annoying species of bird. Dropping their fecal matter everywhere they go. More so than other birds I notice. They have this tendency to ‘Flock’ like a parliament of owls in the forest at night. Why, anyone would think they are like people, enjoying the company of others, having a ‘poo party’ in the middle of common suburbia in downtown Manhattan.” ~ (c) 2013 Original, Ruby’s notes, B.B 2013

Today I made some amazing progress on my novel (above paragraph is straight from chapter five.) Not to say that it is easy writing a book but, when you put your mind to it, there is no reason at all why you cannot have your first draft finished within the first year.

One thing I would like to get around to doing in the near future is buying a new computer. I am a somewhat impatient person (my partner would say more than ‘somewhat’) so all this handwriting on paper is kind of driving me up the walls. But… like I said in my previous post, it does give you the time to concentrate on what you are actually writing and use the correct spelling and grammar you need (given you actually know your stuff.)

It’s a funny thing grammar – there are so many rules and majority of people lack the knowledge of the ‘basics’, that you need just to form the correct structured sentence.

For example: if I started to talk to you like this and didn’t use any commas it would get to a point where you would think god this just is annoying reading this and I can’t tell whether this person knows what they are saying because there is no structure to this sentence at all and its really bugging me it seems like they just kept typing and didn’t stop until they gave up on it and left it alone.

Instead of: If I started to talk to you like this and didn’t use any commas, it would get to a point where you would think “God, this paragraph is really annoying to read and I can’t tell whether this person knows what they are saying, because there is no structure to this sentence at all! It is really bugging me. It seems like they just kept typing, didn’t stop until they gave up on it and left it alone.”

But while I typed this all in word on the advanced grammar and spell check settings… both those paragraphs did not come up with a single grammatical error at all. BUT if someone were to write something like that on here, or on Facebook without the commas and quotation marks – They would be seen as ignorant and be told to go back to school.

print screen for blog

Yes I did take a print screen in word just to show you that it did not come up with any errors. Although I cannot prove otherwise, you will just have to take my word for it.

Just so we are all clear on everything. Please feel free to pick apart my poor spelling and grammar if you feel like it, I think it is important that we re-cash the ‘modern grammar rules’ rather than the ‘I live on Facebook for grammar can suck my b#@ls’ rule.

Happy blogging.

As time goes on, you will heal

So a few days ago wrote this http://allworldissues.com/2012/11/26/eat-pray-love/

Liz – the mail character travels in this movie. It made me want to travel even more, I remember Jordan telling me one of his friends is over in Cambodia teaching English. So I googled it and found this website


That’s an idea…