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The thing you think you cannot do

Death is everywhere – from that little baby bird you saw on the sidewalk that time, you know the one being devoured by ants, right to the couple dozen ants, you just unknowingly squished with your shoe as you took the extra time to see if it was indeed a baby bird. Just as life is inevitable so is death. You can either seek him, wait for him and he can procrastinate… But you can never hide from him.

I started reading “The thing you think you cannot do – thirty truths about fear and courage” written by Gordon Livingston, M.D.


We are scared of death, and a out 85% of the American population deal with it by believing in the ‘afterlife’ – heaven or hell. Where you end up all depends on how scared you were to live your life to the fullest before hand… Or by how much guilt you feel for your sins. Statistics show religious believers ‘sin’ more than non religious believers – but there is a big difference here – guilt

If you take a step back and look at most religions in modern society, there foundation is built on guilt. If you feel guilt, you think of why and in turn you are ‘sinning’ for dwelling on your sins – personally I think someone needs to come along and re write the rule book here or just throw it out.

We spend far too much time worrying about silly things like sinning, money, materialistic things and how we appear to the public. We care if people shame us for being on welfare, or if we just scrape by with our boutique job. We care if our house is messy, so we clean it frantically before guests arrive and freak out when they show up unannounced. We subject ourselves to peer pressure in fear of losing friends, or to gain new friends.

We fear the bank if we borrow money, because they can take everything we bought with it away.

And we are scared of dying, I completely understand – fear of the unknown.

Many people live their life waiting around for the next, instead of living in the moment, living in the life they have right now.

This is why I want to travel, with my little family. I don’t want to be sitting at home saving money for unexpected bills, or for a fancy new car, I don’t care wether I have a computer of not or if I have all the latest games.

The best things in life are free – there is a reason they say this, and its true.

*Everlasting friends
*Raising a family
*Enjoying nature
*The sweet sent of flowers

The list goes on, sure it cost a stack of worthless plastic to visit another country, but I don’t care for money, as long as I have everything my family needs then I.am fine, what is important is the experience you have while you are there. The people you meet and the lessons you learn.

You can sit there and complain your poor, let it run your life because you are scared. Or you can spend that money sitting in your bank on an overseas ticket, and a passport, then have the time of your life living in the moment.

Your choice. I know which one I would choose.

My big adventure Day 1: Enjoy the little things in life

Day 1 – Enjoy the little things in life

So this morning I woke up and decided that for my holiday I will take a photo or series of photos a day and write about them and I will try to be as positive as possible.

This morning my son and I decided to take a walk in the garden. We didn’t get very far because we were stopped by this purple flower. Sorry I do not recall the name of it, but I ask you to pay attention to the detail of this particular flower. Notice all the lines, the different shades of colour and the smaller petals compared to the big.

Life is a bit like this flower.

It is small to some and big to others.

Some people in it seek perfection and others are rough around the edges.

Some people are strong and mighty, they can withstand strong winds.

Some people are fragile and one touch will send them crumbling.

Life has fine lines and wrinkles.

It is full of colour and joy.

But it is also filled with sadness and sorrow.

This flower is a very simple thing in life, and it won’t be around forever so it is important for us to enjoy it while it last’s

Like life, we aren’t going to be here forever, no matter how many anti-aging remedies they come out with. So we should enjoy every day as it comes, we should always tell the people that we love how we feel about them and we should always be true to ourselves.

It is also important not to let someone stop you from fulfilling your dreams, or going on that holiday you have always wanted to go on. Sure you may not have enough money, but who is to judge what enough money is when it comes to fun? You really don’t need money to have fun, you might need it for a passport and plane ticket but once you reach your destination, I think you can find so many things that don’t involve money to keep yourself occupied.

The best things in life are free.





Just experiencing the world is free,  forget the drama and just live.


Share with me your favorite thing in life and why it is your favorite thing.

Brit xx