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Introvertly so.

Who here watches Ted talks, honestly?

I do, I have done ever since I started my blog back in June last year (hip hip for almost a year of blogging). Ted talks was one of the many blogs I first started to follow. Every single Ted video I have watched has stood out to me (even the spoken poetry ones).

When I think about it, I’m not overly extroverted, I think I used to be… But then I think again, and yeah, no I wasn’t. Being an intovert doesn’t mean you don’t have friends, or don’t go to a few parties, introverts can have fun too… I know strange right? Well fact is nobody really tries to get to know who I am deep down inside (thanks for leaving my intestines alone) no but seriously – this is a problem us introverts have, and we sort of just deal with it and be contemp with how everything gets dished out to us and we very rarely dish it back. 

Today while watching Ted talks, I watched four videos – one about how to spread ideas and get them noticed,


The second about how to spot a liar  (which I learnt we are all liars no matter how ‘good’ you are).


The third one was about how the brain synthesizes happieness to keep us ‘contemp’ with our situations – so basically happy with that we cannot change example: my partner complains all the time but its ok because I love them just the way they are. Even though usually we probably wouldn’t put up with it and others hate it and don’t understand why we put up with it.


And the fourth one was a short one about 18 year old (17 at the time) Taylor Wilson, he built a working nuclear fusor at the age of 14 (even though he originally was trying to make his own star in his parents garage).

Taylor Wilson

Why do I mention these today? Well its a pretty simple answer – I love to share with everyone I can what I have learnt… Even though a lot of people say I am a ‘know it all’… What is that anyway? A know it all,

Well one simple definition for it – he/she who knows all. But in reality I don’t know all, I know very little if you look at the bigger picture. I don’t know how Da Vinci painted so well, I don’t know how to make a cell or grow my own organ on the side of a rat, I don’t know anything about you, the person reading and I surtainly do not know everything… But I make an effort to learn. That’s the main thing, when someone calls someone stupid, unintelligent, useless and so on… It is to suggest that the person they are undermining is some how no where nere are superior as they are, when as a matter of fact, maybe that person is just an intovert, maybe you are just an extremely good liar and have everyone fooled about your own intelligence, maybe you are scared about them being smarter… I mean that’s the real reason people bully right? Because they feel scared and intimidated by the person and what they can achieve?

Maybe your brain is just that good at synthesizing happieness and contempt for your current situation, that you ‘can’t be bothered’ learning anything new because learning involves reading and reading is ‘boring’.

When I write I like to ask a lot of questions, not because I am questioning myself but because I am hoping you start to wonder about these things yourself. There is evidence to support that your cerebral cortex grows thicker with every new piece of information you learn, so why not share what you learn with others, you aren’t being a ‘know it all’ you are just simply helping their cerebral cortex by feeding it knowledge.


Bitten by the study bug

I have just over a month and a half until I can enroll into my science course at RMIT. Wow – so much to study. So I have been trying to re-cap everything… Yes everything. The other week I was online with one of my curtain uni tutors and he was  re-teaching me algebra, in the middle of him teaching me it was time for me to go to the gym, so it was like….

8x – 5 = 6 to like grawrrrrrrrr benches 30kg (which by the way is amazing for a tiny 5 ft 2 beginer like me).

Yeah sorry I am a bit excited about may 1st (can’t you tell?) I have never been more excited for something in my whole life. With all the qualifications I do already have I think this one will be the cherry on top.

At this point in time I CANNOT doubt myself for a second, because at the end of the day I am not stupid and I Will get that P.H.D ;p Just watch me.


“I would never do that” Said the non parent to the actual parent.

When I hear someone say “when I have children I wont let them do this” or “this is how I will do that” I now laugh… deeply… inside.

Fact is, until you actually HAVE the children, wow, you have no idea what it is like… AT ALL. Just because you have baby sat children, it still does not mean you know what having children is like.

When you are a parent you are on call 24/7, have you seen those memes floating around the internet saying something along the lines of “im a mum, it’s a 24 hour job, im a cook, a cleaner, a nurse, a counselor… etc” yes well to break it to you lightly, its true and the baby sitter means jack! sure your time is appreciated, but don’t gage your experience with children based on a few hours of looking after someone elses children. Even as a parent, I am still challenged with my kids.

I have 2 children under 2. Before I had kids, I had all these visions of what I would do as a mother, how I would be, how I would have the best behaved children in the world. PFFT!!!

The reality is this – Yesterday I was checking my phone because I am in the process of finding a new house, and developing the new website… And Setesh (21 months old) comes walking out with two toilet rolls saying “Mummy, disgusting, ew” I look up and thought “how cute he knows that toilet stuff isn’t very savory” Until he handed me them… They were wet, and he attempted to flush them down the toilet, failed, and brought them to me… So I went to check the toilet… Baby wipes everywhere, toilet brush in the toilet, baby wipes in the toilet and the wooden toilet role holder.

I cleaned it up, smiled and told Setesh to try harder next time… because although this really upset me, he’s just a toddler. Now most people without children in that situation will turn around and say to you “Why weren’t you watching him” or “I would have done this”… Well no, no you wouldn’t of, and you wouldn’t have noticed him do that either… until he handed you the toilet rolls.

One thing you have to realise when you are a parent, is all the plans that you had, for your children, will never, ever, ever happen the way you want them too. Children are selfish, children are quick as lighting, so unless you follow them around all day, or keep them in a cage, you wont ever be able to watch them 24/7 and children are a lot smarter than you give them credit for aswell.

Did you know that when a child is born, it has the ability to speak any language in the world, the language they end up speaking though depends on what language you teach them? you can teach a baby to speak multiple languages from as little as 4-5 months, and if you keep up the lessons in other languages then they will speak them fluently throughout their life. Kids don’t learn on their own, it takes a lot of teaching and a lot of observing of others around them. If you aren’t teaching your child to talk, it very well might never talk… ever.

Being a parent is difficult, unpredictable, joyful and it can be upsetting. It is stressful, painful and often you find yourself wondering ‘what have I done wrong.’

We don’t get manuals as parents, so to try to create your own before you have kids is pointless, because they wont read it, and you wont remember it… so honestly …don’t  bother.

Time to take it to the next level.

So after some careful consideration, I’ve decided to take my blog to the next level. I will be introducing in the next couple of weeks a new website (like a webzine), with some new writers. I will still keep this blog as a personal blog, but keep an eye out for info on the new website.

Also if you would like to get involved send me a tweet on Twitter or send an email my way britnybboxall@gmail.com

Abc is as easy as 123 – award time

So I was nominated for this ABC award thing, thanks to station devato be honest I should have done this in the morning because I couldn’t really think of anything good enough to write, so I guess what I wrote will have to do.

So basically you have the alphabet and you write something about you with every letter… Or something like that.
So here goes nothing

Abecedarian: Because it feels like I am re-learning the alphabet all over again.

bright: some people would describe me as this.

cacoethes: (a bad habit or insatiable urge) I leave half drunk cups of coffee or tea everywhere, because they go cold and I hate that and it drives me insane… But my leaving of the cup drives others insane… Maybe I leave it because I hate how water cools down too fast… Not even thermal mugs can solve this problem of mine :/

dactylonomy: because I still subtly use my fingers to add, multiply and subtract… Except it is an imaginary hand in my head most the time.

elephant: an animal that I am and have been overly excited about since I was a child and first saw dumbo. I am looking forward to being able to ride one when I head to Thailand one day.

floccinaucinihilipilification: just that word in general.

green: the colour of the note pad I used to write this in before hand.

happy: with how I feel about my blog in general and how far I have come since last year.

inaniloquent: I find huge words like these, ones in which you have to go look up the meaning to find out what I am talking about.

Judo : I currently hold an Orange belt in this martial art – my back injury forced me to stop, but I can still flip people over my shoulder and over my whole body in general. I understand how people distribute their weight while they stand no matter how big they are because of this martial art.


kinetic: something I am learning about right now.

laughter: is what comes after I see funny things.

mother: is what I am to 2 beautiful boys.

neuroscientist: is what I am studying to become.

over the top: are some of the words in this particular post.

pi=:3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286208998628… It is impossible to find the exact number of pi.

queen of England: a birthday I share… And hitler

realistic: I am extremely realistic about everything. Its why I could never be religious. There is a huge gap between being realistic and having Faith… I’ve certainly not bridged that gap.

Science: my second love.

Theory: a theory is a theory until proven otherwise in my opinion.

Unimpressed: sometimes I seem really unimpressed by everything – fact is everything fascinates me, especially human behavior and interaction.

Violinist: I really wanted to be one of these when I was growing up, but never had the chance to do lessons.

water: I hated the taste of water until I was pregnant with my first child, and currently my body is only 47% water (you can find out this on a set if scales)

xerophagy: I would never recommend this diet to anyone.

yell: something I wish I never had to do.

zero: words thought for the letter z (one if you want to get technical.)

Now that I’ve done that its time for my nominees.

mittens kittens – because she obviously has disappeard if the face of the planet.

Miss Natarsha Irwin – because this lovely lady is new to the blog sphere, lets help her get into the swing of things yeah?

I really just wanted to nominate these two because they really need something like this at the moment. And fun things like this keep blogging interesting from time to time.

Have fun :p

Passionate about Science

For a few months now I have had my head stuck in the science books as you may have read (if you are paying attention to the fine details) I am embarking on a huge journey to become a fully qualified Neuroscientist.


It has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time, something that I love – there is nothing more cool than discovering something cool about the human brain and the way we make connections in life. How the brain works – how life works for that matter. It’s not just that, I have my own theory’s about the human brain – But of course we all know that you must have a qualification for people to listen to your crazy theory’s about the human brain (well all brains really). Its something that I would like to have behind me aswell – The fact that I love science means I know I can do this. Just because someone is ‘smart’ doesnt mean they can do something great aswell. I feel that you need to be passionate about what you are doing, such as, you reading might want to be a great writer but you are passionate about art – why not paint more and write less, or find some way you can join art into you’re writing? You could draw pictures for youre blog like this wonderful blogger Doodlemum.

I personally wouldn’t mind what science field I got into – Last night I was watching a BBC documentary ‘Wonders of the solar system’, I remember how much I love learning about astronomy, and biology, and physics and all the crazy theory’s and awesome science stuff. I have had to go back to basics and start learning chemistry though – I was never given the opportunity to attend any chem classes in school because I moved schools 3 times (weird crazy Adelaide school rules that you have to start chem in a particular grade to attend the classes in all the other years). I guess it doesn’t matter about that anymore because I am to start from the basics again and I love to learn.

One of my strengths I think would be being able to admit defeat when it comes to factual information, I would love to personally thank the inventor of google and the internet for giving people the ability to settle arguments with a simple google search. When I am wrong and I am proven wrong, I can happily admit it and be thankful for learning something new (some people don’t take being wrong as a good like I do) I am always open to learning something new – It is why I read self-help books, because there is nothing more satisfying to myself as learning something new, especially something to better myself and make my life great (learning something new about people in general that is NOT gossip is great). I want to be able to learn more, I want to be able to help others by sharing the information I learn – it is also another reason I write my blog (regardless who reads it), it gives me the opportunity to share what I know and whether people like a know it all or not, I enjoy being able to share the information I learn and I love being able to talk about science.


You really only have to look at this to realise how amazing life is, and how important science is.

And this

Cartlidge cells from stem cells http://www.engin.umich.edu/college/about/news/
Cartlidge cells from stem cells http://www.engin.umich.edu/college/about/news/

And how these two things

egg and the spermCreate this


And eventually create a human being or an animal. How amazing is that?

At the end of the day, these things show exactly why I want to be a scientist, the small and the big things in life that are still waiting to be discovered – and I would like to start with the human brain, I would like to learn how it works, how to reach my own full potential, how I can help make other people’s brains function better.

I don’t know the meaning of life – But what I do know is the meaning of ‘What do you want to do with your life.’

I want to be a Scientist, and who knows – Maybe one day I will discover something great.


A day out in Melbourne


I know, I know… This post has been well overdue, finally Jordan and I made it to Melbourne without the kiddies (last time it was just way to overwhelming for them so this time they had a day with Nan.)

So as I promised everyone, I would be writing a section on everywhere I landed while on my world wide adventure – so far ive only covered 2 places (this being the third) but it really only has been almost 3 months.

So today I had the pleasure of getting all up close and personal with some crazy aquarium life including some live coral. The photos are all mixed around – but they are awesome

Who ever in in control of changing this note is hilarious!
When i was younger i tried fresh honey comb, i told jordan about it last year and he said he had never tried it – i was on a mission to find it because he had to try it, it is the most amazing honey! I finally found it, so we captured his first time trying Honeycomb and he loved it!
Southern cross station
Random sticker – i actually found alot of these
Sorry i wasnt able to turn these images around, they were also taken a few days before in Richmond
I thought it was interesting, a random abandoned building in the middle of all the newer city buildings, all the windows have been smashed out of this one.
Metro have some pretty awesome designers on their team dont you think?


This little fellow decided he would check out what i was doing. Its made for a really cool photo to start off this post.
This little fellow decided he would check out what i was doing. Its made for a really cool photo to start off this post.
This not so lonely fellow, having fun with his reflection
This not so lonely fellow, having fun with his reflection
I never noticed until i took these photos that their eyes look like something that has been photoshoped. Like glass or something, isnt that cool?
I never noticed until i took these photos that their eyes look like something that has been photoshoped. Like glass or something, isnt that cool?


These tiny little fellows look so cool upclose - you can thank the new Iphone 5 for all these amazing photos to come.
These tiny little fellows look so cool upclose – you can thank the new Iphone 5 for all these amazing photos to come.
I was lucky to take all the shots I did of all the fish and reptiles, they are very active sometimes.
time for my close up?
wheres my cricket?
has anyone seen finding nemo?
Hes so tiny and blue
Cant you see i am sleeping here?
I like the way the light hits me on just the right angle when i turn my head like this ~ hisss
Hey you there, yeah you, what are you doing?
Hey! what about us?
A tank full of live coral
I think this might be some species of brain coral
I dont know what type this one is but it looks awesome
look at all that detail
This particular coral was awesome, all the little tiny tentecles moving
these were actually really tiny in person
I think i ad the flash on for this particular photo because the coral didnt look green in person.
How cool are these
This was taken at the Queen Victoria markets
I loved this picture – we asked the butcher if we could take a photo of him cutting the meat he said it was alright, He managed to strike this ‘serial killer’ pose just at the right minute as we took the shot – Amazing! “looks like the bone is winning” he said. This photo was taken in the meat pavilion of the Queen victoria markets
Yes this is a dead fish on ice, i thought because its teeth were showing it would make for an amazing shot!
Hello Crab!
All for just $5.50? Yes please jordan said.
cool statue outside the fish market
Dairy pavilion
This was actually extremely huge in person
Man, thats alot of grapes!
Now that is Organic!
Horse and carridge ride anyone? see melbourne a whole knew way!
There are heaps of alleys like this in melb, amazing!
Flinders st station
Talest building in australia right there the ‘Eureka sky deck’ – Even Russle Brand has been up this and had a photo taken ‘The edge experience’
Down to the subway?
Lovely weather isnt it?
Hey look its the SBS Building
SBS Building steps, not sure if you can see it, but if you look at the building in the distance on the right of the photo, there is a huge LCD screen maybe the size of a house – it was playing the cricket that day.
dogs with cameras
Dogs with cameras outside the SBS Building
Coffee cups are begining to become so inventive these days
we found an asortment of sushi
This angel statue is really.. erm… interesting? she seems to be holding a skull while… yeah you can see
lots of fishys
it was really hard to get any decent photos of this fella, so this is the best one

IMG_0564 IMG_0559 IMG_0555 IMG_0558 IMG_0554 IMG_0553 IMG_0526 IMG_0527 IMG_0673 IMG_0641

We went to this lovely little dumpling place called 'The squirrel' in richmond, had a really long conversation with the lady that owns the place - she even asked about my writing when i told her i write :) Sometimes talking to stangers is a good thing, you can hear so many different storied and opinions on life - its amazing, and so was the food!
We went to this lovely little dumpling place called ‘The squirrel’ in richmond, had a really long conversation with the lady that owns the place – she even asked about my writing when i told her i write :) Sometimes talking to stangers is a good thing, you can hear so many different storied and opinions on life – its amazing, and so was the food!

I couldnt think of captions for all the photos, although it would have been nice. I actually had to use 2 cameras with all these photos because half way through my camera died, so i used my partners Iphone 5, which quite frankly for some reason produced better pictures than my actual camera – same with when i use my HTC One X, better photos again, the resolution on these phone cameras are much higher these days on cameras, unless you can spend thousands on a good camera, but i cant afford that – Yet ;)

And that is the first Melbourne addition to my travels – There is so muc more to come as I explore Victoria, I still need to go to the Museums, zoos, aquarium and all the different art galleries. I guess maybe when I start at UNI next year I will have heaps of time and things to share when it comes to melbourne.

enjoy :)

Rubys Notes – Chapter 1 part 1 edited

For those of you who are wondering, I posted my first draft copy, of my first chapter, of my first novel and for the first time. That is a lot of firsts. http://allworldissues.com/2012/12/05/rubys-notes-chapter-1-draft-thoughts/

I asked people for constructive criticism (yes good and bad) one thing you need to realize if you want to publish your work – you need to seek the criticism, and face the music – otherwise how are you going to improve and make it better?

Last night I spent a bit of time editing it (old school paper and pen style)

book edit pic

here is some of the edited copy – And for those who are wondering ALL my work IS in fact Copyrighted. So don’t be thieving ;)

Being a school teacher wasn’t all it had cracked up to be. Sure there were a few perks, seeing the smiles on those children’s faces every time I entered the room, just as easily they smiled when it was time to pack their bags and go home, teaching them all about how the world works… How much they actually listen to is a different story. My name is Ruby, Ruby Kensington but you can call me Miss K.

I’m not married, I don’t even have a boyfriend, I don’t have children of my own and I don’t have any friends. No I am not a weirdo or maybe I am. You can decide that for yourself. I’m going to tell you a story about how I ended up in the position I am in.

June 28th 8:40pm. 1993

It was the 90’s and I was fresh out of law school, already I had already received my first job offer. I was desperate, so I went for it not knowing quite what I was getting myself into. We had arranged to meet at 9am the next day to discuss what the job involves, the only problem was that I did not know who I was meeting or why. I had received the phone call out of the blue, and the person I had spoken to did not go into any detail about the job, they just gave me a time and the address of where I would be meeting my ‘potential employer.’ When you are a lawyer, you don’t think too much about those types of phone calls – although I would have preferred to pick the location myself.

That night I had a group date with my best friends Chloe and Sandra.

They had been my friends since we were in law school. Chloe had long blond hair with colors running through it, pinks, purples, blues and oranges. She was short, maybe 5’2 and she was very socially awkward. When Chloe was younger she really wanted to be a hairdresser, but her mum forced her into attending law school. Chloe didn’t want to upset her mother, so, she used her talents with hair as a side business as a way to make some extra cash. Now Sandra on the other hand was the complete opposite. Sandra was a girl of status in the law industry – as her dad was a lawyer. She was tall with luscious tanned legs that go for miles. Sandra had dark hair and dark eyes, with a European look to her plus she was really skinny and everything about her screamed sexy. Sandra always had all the guys pining over her like little puppies, even though she turned them all down.

As the night progressed I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched. You know the type of feeling you get when you think there is someone who just won’t stop staring at you? The hairs on the back of your neck stand up and cold shivers run down your spine, as if someone had ‘just walked over your grave’ as they say. That’s the feeling I had now, so I decided to call it a night with my friends and walk home.

As I was walking I started to feel dizzy, queasy even… did I really drink that much? A few minutes passed by and I couldn’t bring myself to walk any further. I hailed the first cab I saw and jumped in. My house was about a 10 minute walk away from our favorite hangout but I just couldn’t bear to walk any longer. The taxi drive made me feel worse. I wasn’t even sure if I was even in a taxi anymore and I just passed out.

I’m not ok, but that is ok

What do you write when you can’t stand the sight of your keyboard?

What do you say when you feel words are worth absolutely nothing at all anymore?

What do you do when you have cried a million tears and they just keep coming no matter how hard you try to be strong, and how hard you try to stop, to be strong for your child, so they don’t see that their mummy is hurting?

What do you say when someone asks you are you ok?

Usually I would hold it in, I wouldn’t tell anyone and I would cry in private. But now look at these tears, I am hurting and I know you are too. These tears are here to show you that you are not alone, that it is ok to cry. No matter how puffy and red your face becomes, it is ok.

So what, you are having fun with mates and you feel like crying, just cry… it’s the only way besides actually saying ‘I am not ok’ to show someone that you need some support, that you need to cry and that you just need someone to be there for you even if it’s just to listen to how your feeling.

I haven’t written a post in a while, because I am not ok, and I cannot find the right thing to write about. A lot of things I could write about seem pointless to me at the moment, so they can just sit there in my drafts waiting to be finished.

So I thought I would write something that seems like a good message to me, that it is ok to not be ok.

It is ok to need help and it is ok to admit you are depressed.

If I don’t post anything for a while then it is because of this. I am sad… and being sad just brings negativity to my blog. So I am avoiding it, I am avoiding my precious blog that started from a post about the negativity of facebook, to quitting facebook, then some motivational books. I have written some amazing posts and some just down right terrible posts.

Above all of it, I am not quitting but I am just going on a holiday.

So farewell for now, I will be sure to take photos of my holiday. It will be my wonder full comeback post, my massive holiday to real life traveling from blog world.

Brit xx

Mind body and spirit

Finding yourself amongst the rubble of broken promises and mistakes made on your behalf is never easy.

Today I visited the Mind Body Spirit festival where I found many psycics, buhhist, mediums, tea junkies, new age musicians, peace offerers, herbalists, organic wholesalers and lots of other things.

But one thing stood out to me the most, this card i had spent 5 minutes or so trying to pick out of a basket of cards for free.


It really made my day, and i really needed to read it


It made me realize that there is still hope for me yet.