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Rubys Notes – Chapter 1 part 1 edited

For those of you who are wondering, I posted my first draft copy, of my first chapter, of my first novel and for the first time. That is a lot of firsts. http://allworldissues.com/2012/12/05/rubys-notes-chapter-1-draft-thoughts/

I asked people for constructive criticism (yes good and bad) one thing you need to realize if you want to publish your work – you need to seek the criticism, and face the music – otherwise how are you going to improve and make it better?

Last night I spent a bit of time editing it (old school paper and pen style)

book edit pic

here is some of the edited copy – And for those who are wondering ALL my work IS in fact Copyrighted. So don’t be thieving ;)

Being a school teacher wasn’t all it had cracked up to be. Sure there were a few perks, seeing the smiles on those children’s faces every time I entered the room, just as easily they smiled when it was time to pack their bags and go home, teaching them all about how the world works… How much they actually listen to is a different story. My name is Ruby, Ruby Kensington but you can call me Miss K.

I’m not married, I don’t even have a boyfriend, I don’t have children of my own and I don’t have any friends. No I am not a weirdo or maybe I am. You can decide that for yourself. I’m going to tell you a story about how I ended up in the position I am in.

June 28th 8:40pm. 1993

It was the 90’s and I was fresh out of law school, already I had already received my first job offer. I was desperate, so I went for it not knowing quite what I was getting myself into. We had arranged to meet at 9am the next day to discuss what the job involves, the only problem was that I did not know who I was meeting or why. I had received the phone call out of the blue, and the person I had spoken to did not go into any detail about the job, they just gave me a time and the address of where I would be meeting my ‘potential employer.’ When you are a lawyer, you don’t think too much about those types of phone calls – although I would have preferred to pick the location myself.

That night I had a group date with my best friends Chloe and Sandra.

They had been my friends since we were in law school. Chloe had long blond hair with colors running through it, pinks, purples, blues and oranges. She was short, maybe 5’2 and she was very socially awkward. When Chloe was younger she really wanted to be a hairdresser, but her mum forced her into attending law school. Chloe didn’t want to upset her mother, so, she used her talents with hair as a side business as a way to make some extra cash. Now Sandra on the other hand was the complete opposite. Sandra was a girl of status in the law industry – as her dad was a lawyer. She was tall with luscious tanned legs that go for miles. Sandra had dark hair and dark eyes, with a European look to her plus she was really skinny and everything about her screamed sexy. Sandra always had all the guys pining over her like little puppies, even though she turned them all down.

As the night progressed I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched. You know the type of feeling you get when you think there is someone who just won’t stop staring at you? The hairs on the back of your neck stand up and cold shivers run down your spine, as if someone had ‘just walked over your grave’ as they say. That’s the feeling I had now, so I decided to call it a night with my friends and walk home.

As I was walking I started to feel dizzy, queasy even… did I really drink that much? A few minutes passed by and I couldn’t bring myself to walk any further. I hailed the first cab I saw and jumped in. My house was about a 10 minute walk away from our favorite hangout but I just couldn’t bear to walk any longer. The taxi drive made me feel worse. I wasn’t even sure if I was even in a taxi anymore and I just passed out.

Mind body and spirit

Finding yourself amongst the rubble of broken promises and mistakes made on your behalf is never easy.

Today I visited the Mind Body Spirit festival where I found many psycics, buhhist, mediums, tea junkies, new age musicians, peace offerers, herbalists, organic wholesalers and lots of other things.

But one thing stood out to me the most, this card i had spent 5 minutes or so trying to pick out of a basket of cards for free.


It really made my day, and i really needed to read it


It made me realize that there is still hope for me yet.

Don’t sweat the small stuff for mums

So as mentioned in my previous post ‘Why? Because I am a mum I am currently reading Dont sweat the small stuff for mums: Simple ways to stress less and enjoy your family more, written by Kristine Carlson.



I havent read much more since that post earlier today, but I did say that I was going to write some more about it. So where do I start? I took a few photos of some chapter titles to help with this particular post. So here we go.


It is true, I have been in many situations where I have been looked down upon for my parenting, and I am sure that you (if you are a mum reading this) have been in this situation too. I would have to admit, there are some mums I know, that I would not see as ‘the perfect mother’ and some that I just do not see the ‘mothering quality’ at all… But as it explains in the book, just because your parenting style is different to that of your fellow mothers in crime, does not mean it is not working for them. Every child is different, every child needs to be taught different, every child has different energy and achedemic levels, and who knows your child best than you? So you adapt your parenting to suit each individual child.


Being a mum is stressfull… Very stressfull… And we have our good days and our bad days, it is important that we ‘nourish our spirit’ as well as our over all mental health. What this means is it is ok to take time for yourself, have a breather, and dont feel guilty about it! Honestly who cares if your partner is nagging you because you want a 20 minute break – he can look after the kids for a bit. If you are a single mum Kristine suggests that you make a safe play area outside of your bedroom door so that if something happens you can still be there. We need time out of each day to regain our composure and our energy, otherwise we are usless and cranky. And nobody wants that.


I don’t need to go into detail with this one, all I will say is Kristine suggests you warn those around you that you are having an off day and not to take your mood to heart.


This particular one is mentioned in one of the other ‘don’t sweat the small stuff’ books in the series, and I think this one in particular applys to everyone. The act of breathing before you speak is simple: when someone says something to you take a breath before you respond – this not only allows the other person to see that you are listening to them, it gives you time to think clearly about what you are going to say back to them. How annoying is it when you are speaking to someone and they cut you off mid sentence because they are so eager to be center of attention? I have had this many times, and find I cannot get a word in, then I notice myself doing it back to them… Which makes it worse. So try breathing before you speak, you might find the person you are talking to starts to do the same.


My personal addition… Sit down and sip on a drink you really enjoy, read a book or reflect on your day, write a personal diary entry about your day, week or year. Reflect a bit, maybe write a post for your blog reflecting your time on wordpress. I would like to take the time to reflect on my post I posted earlyer today where I screen shot my progess so far.


I had this many views and now I would like to just sit here be happy for a moment about this


Taken a few hours later, I really do appreciate everyone who has been stopping by to have a read of my posts and leave a friendly comment. Thank you again for all the support!

Crazy about you.

I woke up feeling pretty good this morning after my decision yesterday to just go for gold, finish writing my book and not be afraid to seek publication. I also woke up with a bit of writers block.
After trying to think of something to write about I decided to check my blog and to my surprise I have been nominated for another beautiful bloggers award from http://keiththegreen.wordpress.com/ thank you again!


So there we go I have something to write about today. Last time I was nominated I did not include any facts about myself in the post I wrote about it because I thought my facts sounded silly… But they are facts so why be Afraid?

So here are 10 things you will now know about me.

1) I am a young mum to a beautiful boy and will be embarking on my journey to the hospital to have my second boy delivered via c-section in 8 weeks. So soon how exciting!

2) I have recently (like only yesterday) started yoga and I feel better already.

3) I like natural skin products (especially aloe vera) and can honestly say they are worth the extra money.

4) I watch a news show called sunrise religiously.

5) I love coffee and have indulged in it regularly since I was about 11 or 12.

6) I love the idea of meditation but I have never tried it for more than a minute.

7) I cannot sew with a sewing machine but I can hand sew, knit and cross stitch.

8) I love to bake and decorate cakes.

9) I really dislike when someone speaks over the top of you and completely disregards what you have say… I mean how hard is it to let someone say what they have to say before you put your two cents In?

10) I am on a journey to be happier as I have suffered from depression for 6 years now. Step one writing this blog – check. Step two finding an easy and calming exercise – check yoga thanks to mum. Step three – who knows.

Now you just learnt 10 things about me time for my 6 nominees.

http://ravenswitch.wordpress.com/ for her interesting blogging style. Always an interesting read.

http://stuffitellmysister.me/2012/09/05/stuck-on-you/ for her ability to put a smile on my face when I read her posts

http://momentmatters.wordpress.com/2012/09/05/is-lying-good/ the title just explains is, moments to matter and I feel this blogger deserves to be reminded that they are a good writer, plus there is always a different blog.

http://thelaughinghousewife.wordpress.com/ for helping me laugh time and time again with her joke posts.

http://lesleycarter.wordpress.com/ for giving me hope for the future with her bucket list posts. Soon I hope to create my own bucket list.Really

http://mittenskittens.wordpress.com/ for always having something interesting to say, there is never a dull moment on her blog and she will go far in life if she puts her mind to it.

Thank you again everyone. It really is amazing how many people love to read my work, and the awards I have been receiveing just top the list of reasons I love sharing my thoughts and feelings with you all. So with that I leave you with an idea, a thought and a reason to think.

If you could say or do something that would make a strangers day what would you Say or do?