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The self confessed impecunious bibliomaniac within.

I guess you could say I am an impecunious bibliomaniac, yes an impecunious [im-peh-KYOO-nee-uhs] one, not because I am literally ‘poor’ per say, but because I really can’t afford to buy new books all the time, and sometimes I do anyway… even if I don’t get around to reading it until a year later and it becomes the next addition to my backlog of books to read.

Right now my book collection is in storage at my parents’ house until I move into my new home… and buy the amount of book cases I will need for them. But until then I have just been building a new collection until I can be re-united with my older collection.

When I go shopping for a new book, I have no idea what I am looking for, I really at the end of the day just buy whatever books seem interesting at the time, I don’t go for the ‘popular’ books because sometimes you can end up buying something that was not so flattering and along the erotic side of things, when really you just wanted to see what the hype was. The last ‘popular’ novel I bought was ‘The casual vacancy’ written by the one and only J.K Rowling, I still haven’t gotten around to reading this because I have so many other books to read first.


I’ve decided I need to keep a book log, like the ones you get in the library, to show which books you have read and which ones you haven’t, I guess doing a book log is a great way to keep track and review all the books I’ve read. I guess like the website Goodreads. The problem I have with the popular site isn’t that I don’t like it, we all know how many people consider it their esprit de corps, it is that it does not like me… well not me, but my laptop and my phone. For some reason I have the worst luck when it comes to technology, my choices never seem to want to support the regular websites I usually go to.

I don’t want to sound like a mountebank here, but I think paper and pen will be my best option. I am constantly having to buy new writing books because they all serve different purposes. I have separate writing books for everything, from chemistry to theory’s and maths, I also have one specifically for the elements of the periodic table and all the elements properties.

I must stop speaking so magniloquently now, some of you might be getting confused. ;)

Just because

Yes, I am a ‘teen mum.

‘But not like those teen mums you see glorified on tv for their immature, disrespectful, outrageous and downright stupid behaviour. I personally do not like the ‘reality tv’ shows ‘teen mom’ and ‘teen mom 2.’

If you have seen these ‘reality tv’ shows then you will know what I mean – unless you like or support this kind of ‘reality tv’ show, then fair enough – please don’t be offended because I do not agree with this behaviour being showcased as typical ‘teenage mother’ behaviour.

I know exactly what it is like to be looked down upon for being a teen mother, and tv shows like these do not help with that. I do however come from a place where being eighteen and having a child is completely acceptable, as eighteen is when you are considered an ‘adult’ in the eyes of the law and most people outside of the law.

The big one-eight, your ultimate ticket to ‘adulthood’ is sitting in your purse and has been for 2 years (if you obtained your learners permit or p plates when you were 16) for you to call upon it in times of need – when being asked the question

“Can I see your ID please?”

A question that is not only daunting but most exciting for those underaged and newly deemed ‘adult.’

I am reflecting upon this because this year I will be turning twenty. You would think I would be less excited than what I am, considering I am getting older, but I am really excited – why? Well for two reasons actually; a trip to Thailand and to finally be rid of the title ‘teen mum.’

Now don’t get me wrong (just throwing it our there that ‘don’t get me wrong’ is an interesting way of saying ‘don’t get the wrong Idea’ or ‘please don’t jump to conclusions’) I love my children to bits, and to put it across honestly – falling pregnant at 17 ideally saved my life from what could have been a dangerous path to further drug abuse and a potential premature death.

A lot of people say “things happen for a reason” but they don’t really. I used to catch myself saying this as a way to justify everything; break ups, bad decisions I had made, things going missing ect. But really, I didn’t fall pregnant because it was ‘meant to happen’ at a socially unacceptable age – I fell pregnant because I did the normal healthy thing – have sex, only I didn’t use protection… Again.

That doesn’t mean I would change my decision, it only means I have recognised something that not many people my age recognise. The decisions you make are that of your own carelessness aren’t ‘meant to be’ or ‘fate’ they are just because you made it that way, just because you chose to do it regardless of the consequences… Just because.

Isn’t that what life is about, just because? Maybe learning to accept ‘what is’ can be one of the meanings.

Nobody knows the meaning of life, we go through so much in our time on the forever changing earth, but do we really stop and wonder these things? Maybe the meaning of life is just that… Not to wonder, not to care, and just live and turn a blind eye most and call it ‘fate.’

I don’t think so – but it’s what most of us do.

In every culture you will find stories -of gods- of sky beings- of he who came from the sky/heavens-gods on flying carpets- on ‘vestmas’- in space ships- on rockets- on planes- on dragons- on horsesThey have:- animal heads- animal bodies- human heads- oversized ‘alien like’ heads-similar storiesBut one thing in common

- the promise of death and judgment

“Follow my rules, do my bidding and reap the rewards after you pass from this life.”Is that the meaning of life? To follow a book, to have faith in our cultures god, to follow the rules – that of which god created and that of which man came along, took some out and put more in?

Take infidelity for example, punishable by god – acceptable by humans… How does that make sense at all?But drugs on the other hand, are so  bad and horrible that we must lock people away, for using and supplying, for life and throw away the key…Or an even better example, Americans constitutional right to own a gun, because if someone is trying to hurt you, you have the right to hurt them worse, even kill them?And what about war?”We’re fighting for world peace” they say – well no, your just fighting because it makes money and is thrilling, how many wars have happened since man walked the earth? Yeah exactly.Have we achieved world peace yet?Have we all accepted that maybe there might be more than one god or maybe no god?Have we taken into account all the different story’s?Are we all really “for the people” or just for ourselves?

‘Fighting for world peace’ is stupid because fighting does not result in peace at all, it results in billions of lost lives just so the greedy can prosper. War is created for money, fuelled by money – ultimate goal? Well that’s to have more money of course. Excuses for wars? Religion, world peace, “that country is a threat to our country” – so that’s fear. Just because one small group of people want to kill a few of us… So what do we do? Oh I know lets kill them all.

We will kill their mothers, we will kill their fathers, their children and their teachers, we will kill their friends and their pets, oh yes don’t forget their pets, we must not forget them. We will blow up their schools because modern education is evil and we will blow up their houses because they should live I’m the slums if they survive that is.Why?Well they apparently kills thousands of people in our country so it is perfectly ok for us to play god and take the guilty and innocent lives, place them in our line of fire and kill them all… Oh but they started it so its ok.

Billions of dollars will be spent to fuel this war guys, we don’t need more education so cut that, we need the money for military forces, health care funds? What we don’t need that, they will die sometime anyway, we need the money for new guns. The homeless? They’re just a burden, might as well send them front of the line, so our soldiers can be safe… Yes we may need more hospitals and doctors but we need the money to fuel this century’s war first… Then we will have world peace, these other things can wait.

Sorry to break it to you guys but the only way to achieve world peace is to get off your high horse and stop fighting.

Much like the decision to have a child young… You just have to suck all that pride back in, stop being selfish, accept it for what it is, spend less on nothing and more on something that you spent 9-10 months growing inside you and become at peace with the world you live in.

War may continue, the wicked will continue to prosper, the poor will continue to be seen as a burden on society, the homeless will still be seen as worthless scum and world peace is nothing but a dream.

But this year I will be twenty, I have two kids, I have no home I call ‘my own’ and hardly anything in the bank because of forever paying bills. One thing is surtain though – I am at peace with the world and I accept it and everyone, exactly how it is…


Well just because.
“Inspired from the book ‘the thing you think you cannot do… thirty truths about fear and courage’ written by Gordon Livingston, M.D. Author of the international best seller ‘too soon old, too late smart’

What if money didn’t matter?

Today mum showed me a video called ‘what if money didn’t matter.’ It is a short 3 min vid basically saying “forget money, do what you want or be unhappy for the rest of your life” in a nutshell.

I completely agree – which brings me to today.

Today is a very interesting day, there is still a few things I have to get done today, I am lucky to have gotten this far (insert ‘ive gone clinically insane’ laugh here.)

Tomorrow I will be boarding ‘The Overland’ train to Melbourne – with my little family. With that I will also be starting my slow journey around the world – Starting with Victoria.

The line that really makes you question everything you’re doing is “why work in a job you’re unhappy at, to earn money, to be able to continue working in a job you’re unhappy with” I believe this is spot on.
When you look at it from my point of view, you only have one life, why waste it being unhappy?

Why go to work everyday, come home, sit in front of the tv and hoard all that money you have accumulated? What just because ‘if you don’t have money you can’t do anything’

All you need is a backpack full of the basics, a pen and some paper. Then you’re set, you can travel anywhere you want.

“But how, with out money I can’t do anything?”

This is where we as people have forgotten that money is a man made currency, and no matter how rich you are, you are in debt and so is the country you live in or visit. You can trade things, sell stuff, busk, answer jobs in the local paper where you are staying – if you actually talk to people and are willing to try new things, you can travel anywhere you’d like, earn commodities and always find a place to stay. It’s an experience, it makes you uncomfortable thinking about it, but people do it for a reason – you only have one chance on this planet, make it count by living life with an open heart and an open mind. Forget the materialistic things, forget the money and just live!

Stay tuned for my very first travel post.

Home invasion of the wah brigade

Babies, babies, babies

When one crys the other starts – like dominos and their chain reactions. When one nappy is changed its the next.ones turn, when one baby is eating suddenly the other wants to eat too.

But – there is an upside! I am breast feeding this baby (i didn’t last long with Setesh) and feeding on demand at that – for anyone who doesn’t know what demand feeding is, it is when you feed them when ever they want it.. so 3 in the morning the Buffett is still open for business. I’ve saved so much money, and my bills are getting paid.

I finally faced the big world and went to the mall – with the two babies… Wasn’t as hard as i thought and there was no drama. I bought 4 things

- a dress
– tights
– perfume
– sunnies… With a warranty

My sunnies have a 1 year warranty on all.damages – I guess it really does pay to buy expensive designer brand sunnies – especially if you have a toddler who could very well get his hands on them.

Was a good day.

How are we all? Tomorrows Monday, I expect my facebook newsfeed to bee filled with ‘oh no not another day of the week that signals most of us have to go to work again hurry up weekend’ memes

Cannot wait for the day all websites stop becoming an image board.

With that – I will leave you with some images


My new sunnies


Setesh loves his younger brother


This baby is all smiles