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Why do you do that

While sitting in the waiting room at the hospital (I’ve been sitting here for well over an hour now) I noticed everyone staring at me as my youngest was bawling his poor little eyes out. I had to bounce him, pat his back and settle him to sleep. I was stressed at this moment for two reasons, my baby was upset, but so was everyone else in the hospital. Like its such a burden on everyone else, that they are stuck listening to my child cry, they even have to make me feel so uncomfortable by watching me try and settle him. As if they were timing me.

It began to make me wonder though, why do people do the things they do. Right now my partner is causing a stir with our eldest, playing and laughing, he is screaming with joy and sharing treats and tissues. It is excused because he is having fun and the youngest finally went to sleep, he is sleeping on me, in this hospital while there is coughing and splattering all around us… He doesn’t wake up, or stare at the sick people as they stared at us just before.

I wonder should I have have to feel as though I am settling him for the peace of mind of others?

Is it really ok for people to make mothers with crying children more uncomfortable than they already are?

Is it really that agonising for you to hear a baby crying in pain?

I wonder, if it is my sudden need for forgiveness from these strangers… if it is the reasoning behind half of the stress that comes with taking your children out.

People have a constant fear of not fitting it, we really want to impress strangers because we assume strangers are judging us all the time. Fact is we don’t know and the fear of not knowing something is just as hard as finding out the truth about something. We fear we aren’t good enough, to the point where some people won’t go outside because of a bad hair day and a lot of people sit behind their computer screens, just as I am now, except they live their whole lives through their virtual world.

What are your thoughts?

Whatever the weather

There are people in the world who say they like summer, or winter, they like crunching the autumn leaves or splashing in winters left over puddles as spring makes her way around the bend eager to greet them.

When I think of what season I like, sometimes I will say summer… When it’s winter, or winter… When it is summer. But that’s just being false just to suit the person I am talking too.

Every person lies, at least 3-10 times a day, we lie to strangers, to friends, and to loved ones and pets – no one can hide from our lies. It’s just what people do, some of the blogs I read are written as a known secret identity, where the writer can be truthful within their writing because they can not at home. Some of them are false realities that the authors have created because they wish their lives were like their imagination.
You can’t hide away from lies, ever, because no matter how holy, even the holiest of holy has holes.

So the truth is… I like every form of weather – because it just is, right there in your face, no lies, no deception… It just is plain and pure, in your face, wild weather and it’s pretty darn amazing!

Rubys Notes – Chapter 1 part 1 edited

For those of you who are wondering, I posted my first draft copy, of my first chapter, of my first novel and for the first time. That is a lot of firsts. http://allworldissues.com/2012/12/05/rubys-notes-chapter-1-draft-thoughts/

I asked people for constructive criticism (yes good and bad) one thing you need to realize if you want to publish your work – you need to seek the criticism, and face the music – otherwise how are you going to improve and make it better?

Last night I spent a bit of time editing it (old school paper and pen style)

book edit pic

here is some of the edited copy – And for those who are wondering ALL my work IS in fact Copyrighted. So don’t be thieving ;)

Being a school teacher wasn’t all it had cracked up to be. Sure there were a few perks, seeing the smiles on those children’s faces every time I entered the room, just as easily they smiled when it was time to pack their bags and go home, teaching them all about how the world works… How much they actually listen to is a different story. My name is Ruby, Ruby Kensington but you can call me Miss K.

I’m not married, I don’t even have a boyfriend, I don’t have children of my own and I don’t have any friends. No I am not a weirdo or maybe I am. You can decide that for yourself. I’m going to tell you a story about how I ended up in the position I am in.

June 28th 8:40pm. 1993

It was the 90’s and I was fresh out of law school, already I had already received my first job offer. I was desperate, so I went for it not knowing quite what I was getting myself into. We had arranged to meet at 9am the next day to discuss what the job involves, the only problem was that I did not know who I was meeting or why. I had received the phone call out of the blue, and the person I had spoken to did not go into any detail about the job, they just gave me a time and the address of where I would be meeting my ‘potential employer.’ When you are a lawyer, you don’t think too much about those types of phone calls – although I would have preferred to pick the location myself.

That night I had a group date with my best friends Chloe and Sandra.

They had been my friends since we were in law school. Chloe had long blond hair with colors running through it, pinks, purples, blues and oranges. She was short, maybe 5’2 and she was very socially awkward. When Chloe was younger she really wanted to be a hairdresser, but her mum forced her into attending law school. Chloe didn’t want to upset her mother, so, she used her talents with hair as a side business as a way to make some extra cash. Now Sandra on the other hand was the complete opposite. Sandra was a girl of status in the law industry – as her dad was a lawyer. She was tall with luscious tanned legs that go for miles. Sandra had dark hair and dark eyes, with a European look to her plus she was really skinny and everything about her screamed sexy. Sandra always had all the guys pining over her like little puppies, even though she turned them all down.

As the night progressed I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was being watched. You know the type of feeling you get when you think there is someone who just won’t stop staring at you? The hairs on the back of your neck stand up and cold shivers run down your spine, as if someone had ‘just walked over your grave’ as they say. That’s the feeling I had now, so I decided to call it a night with my friends and walk home.

As I was walking I started to feel dizzy, queasy even… did I really drink that much? A few minutes passed by and I couldn’t bring myself to walk any further. I hailed the first cab I saw and jumped in. My house was about a 10 minute walk away from our favorite hangout but I just couldn’t bear to walk any longer. The taxi drive made me feel worse. I wasn’t even sure if I was even in a taxi anymore and I just passed out.

Your entitled to you’re own opinion… So why aren’t I?

Today I witnessed yet another facebook incident. This time about the big ole favorite ‘same sex marriage and parenting issue’ Of course this is an extremely controversial issue, and there will always be people that agree and disagree but few that agree to disagree…

Why is this?

Because most people are quick to voice their opinions hoping to be herd and even quicker to shut others down if they do not agree. So I understand this has become the ‘norm’ for everyone, I mean we are all sucked in to the media, social networking, and the idea of becoming a ‘freedom of speech’ nation but is that really what this is about? We are all under the impression that our tiny little opinion will change the whole entire world just because we are a person and everyone is ‘for the people’ and ‘for equal rights’ but in reality no matter what opinions we have there will always be someone on the edge or their seat just waiting to object.

Of course when I came across this particular comment board on facebook, I, like most people had to join in on the action, and voice my tiny little opinion – in hope that I get herd and maybe it would sway others opinions… So I wrote my nifty long comment up and decided to press send.

This is what I wrote – spelling/grammatical errors and all.

“It’s easy to just point the blame at homophobia when it comes to disagreeing with same sex couples, marriage and parenting… But is it honestly homophobia that is causing people dislike this particular subject? I don’t think so – why don’t I think that? Because not you nor I actually know what these apparant ‘homophobic’ people are actually thinking and why. It is also just as bad for attacking them back for not agreeing with your views.

For example: Sandy is a lesbian, Sandy and her girlfriend want to get married but the law says no. Sandys friend Tom says “Hey Sandy, I accept that you are a lesbian, but well the law says you can’t get married, I agree with that law” Sandy responds with “That is fair enough Tom, thank you for your honesty, I value your opinion” but Sandys girlfriend disagrees and thinks Tom is homophobic anyway because he doesn’t share the same views or opinions as her.

Do you see where I am comming from? It’s is not homophobic to not agree with same sex anything, it is merely freedom of speech, choice and maintaining the ability to think and feel as an individual and not as a sheep in a herd of cattle. To attack someone and call them homophobic for not agreeing with same sex anything is the exact same as attacking someone for wanting same sex to be equal and you are just as bad…

Wake up to the world and realize that everyone in entitled to their own opinion, their own view on life, their own sexual prefrence and so on. No one should ne attacked for not following the system and no one should be attacked for following the system.”

Now of course I value my opinion, I feel its pretty valid. Just like everyone else who has commented on there. Including all the people that think same sex parenting is ok and people who think its wrong. But what I am wondering is if I can recognize that people entitled to their own opinions, then why can’t others? Why are there many people who can’t sit there and be like tom and sandy? Just plain accepting? Further more it is also a very confusing subject.

If I am writing this post, about not understanding why a lot of people aren’t accepting of others opinions and life style am I then just as bad for questioning it? Am I then just as bad for not understanding why? Because by not understanding and by questioning why they don’t just accept others opinions, is that, in its self, just me not accepting that people can’t accept something?

Sorry im not there for you to blame anymore

I recently received a comment on my post about how I was quitting Facebook, and of course it exposed the fact that I had actually returned to Facebook not too long ago – I figured with being pregnant and all that family and friends would just love to see pictures and care… but as a matter of fact, family outside of my house hold, do not seem to care at all. Like I said in my previous post, I am not going to hold back anymore, because this is MY blog. So recently I had my 3D ultrasound, and only a few people have seen the photos.

Yes I did promise you all a post about it with pictures and stuff, but in reality I broke that promise… for a purpose of course. I was testing someone’s response to the photos not being there, and not saying anything at all. Thus the answer is what I expected and now making as much effort for this person would be pointless and just insulting to my self-worth. I do not want to stoop to that level again!

So how do you cope when you are in the situation where you just want to say to the person ‘Grow up, act the part and stop blaming me for your screw ups’ when they aren’t around, or making the effort to be around – then making up excuses?

Stand your ground and stand up for yourself!

Have a good day everyone

Brit xx


A world full of people

Today I came up with 2 more ideas for my writing, one is a short story for children between 5-13 and another is for children aged 0-5. Although i do not know how i would go about publishing the one for younger kiddies I have been researching alot of the publishers in Adelaide. I was sent out a prospectus from an academy that I am interested in attending next year, which will be exciting (I will write about it if I ever get there) and I start two new subjects in november at uni, except these two subjects are at Curtin uni and Monash uni, lucky im studying via correspondance right? He he

So I just wanted to have a look see at my stats today and I see that I have over 400 followers now and I was shocked to see how many people from different countrys had stoped by to have a look too. If they stop by again I hope they read this and feel loved :) ((virtual internet hugs)) to everyone.

Soon I will be having another baby (as most of you know) I must say I am fairly scared about it. Ive been through labour, that was easy… Although i didnt get to finish because It all went horribly wrong and I needed an emergency c-section. They put me to sleep for that one, this time… I will be awake, and there is something that scares me about knowing on the other side of the blue screen… There will be the other half of my body open… Well on the bright side, its on the inside that counts right? ;) ahhh… Still scared.

I will share the screen shots I took of all the different countrys.



I think that is pretty amazing, the fact that you can reach so many different people in a few months :) happy blogging everyone.