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A picture tells a thousand words


As a blogger I have found that is better to add pictures into your posts. Although the picture above does not have anything to do with the post, it looks awesome and it draws people to the post. That’s the point right? To draw attention to yourself if you want people to read your posts.

The picture above is the Crab Nebula by the way, beautiful right?

It can be hard to find the right pictures for your blog, and majority of us just take to google like flies when it comes to trying to find one. I admit to doing this a lot of the time, well lets just face the facts here… You can’t just walk up to someone and say “I need a picture of a sad man that looks like you, you look sad, can I take a photo of you?” Or go all the way over seas just to take a photo of your favourite celebrity or even to nasa and say “hey I need to borrow your telescope to take a picture for my blog.”

This is one thing I like about google, you can find any picture and a lot of the time you can use it.

There is also a downside to this, like all things pros and cons cannot be avoided. Internet scammers, stalkers and fakes.

What is a scammer? Well someone who pretends to be someone for a prolonged period of time in order to obtain something they want from someone – great example, money.

What is a stalker? Well that is easy, someone who attempts to or is following your every move like for example following your blog just to gossip about you, finding all different ways to follow your Facebook because you keep getting blocked or talking about said person every time you bump into someone else that knows that person.

And we all know what a fake is, fake friends, fake profiles, fake personality in general (this last one only occurs to people who don’t want to show people who they really are and cop it for it anyway.)

We can all tell these things, just like we can all tell when a profile picture is a googled, or when someone is stalking is – I know exactly who is stalking me, and I know they are reading this post right now and I know they will go and tell the world about what I am doing. But fact is, the only reason why I care is because I wish they would grow up and make something of themselves instead of concerning themselves with what I am doing, I mean if they so obviously don’t care about me why follow my every move?

I’ve been added by many fake profiles, any one of them could be my stalker, I accept the adds, check out their profile and learn very quickly they are fake. You can also tell by the profile picture some people use.

It’s going to be a hot summer.

Today I went for a walk – by myself!

Shocking I know, I just walked up the road, to my local deli. It is about 400 meters from my house and I was really tired. I bought a pasty, fruit salad and a V Energy drink.

I decided I would take a few photos on the way up there, to share with you all. They are just some flowers but I miss taking photos and happen to be fairly good at it considering I am using my phone.


This is the first flower, it has lots of tiny little white bugs on it.


This was one of the few, still alive, flowers on this bush.


These tree leaves were pretty :P so they had to join in.



These beautys came from a huge tree filled with them


I believe these are just generic pink roses.



Last night I made a few mini pavlova’s


Setesh is cheeky – I ended up giving him the rest in the end.


Atlas is 3 weeks old tomorrow :)


I am one proud mamma :P