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When technology fails

‘Lest we forget our precious planet as we slip deeper into a comatic state of technological dependency. Yes if you ignored that sentence correctly, you would have seen that ‘Comatic’ is a word I just made up – Shh I can so do that because this is my blog…

Anyway if you took a wild guess about why I used such a term as comatic (my definition is a conscious coma like state of existence) and you guess I meant like a zombie, well, then you would be right.

When I was in school we did something called a ’40 hour famine’. It is an activity for charity where school students will not eat for 40 hours, live off only water and barley sugar lollies, door knock and try and raise money for hungry children. The aim of this (other than to obvious raising money) was so that well off children would be able to feel how it feels to go hungry – problem with this was, there were already kids that went hungry at the school, so nobody was all that bothered, signed up and just lived their daily life having not learnt a lesson at all.


When the school caught on to the fact that most the kids that entered were already starving themselves due to psychological issues, such as thinking they were fat due to bullying or because their parents chose to spend their welfare checks on smokes, booze and drugs, the youth committee had decided on another 40 hour famine – a 40 hour no technology and furniture ban.

A lot of this kids were outraged and this was around about the time that facebook started to become big at my first Highschool. Many of the students were already addicted to their facebook on their phones and they also had their myspace (back when myspace was ‘cool’).

When I look back at this particular 40 hours, most of the students couldn’t even last three hours, including myself. After the 40 hours started I soon forgot that we were supposed to give it up. The internet in general has been a part of my life since I was ten so I couldn’t imagine not living without it. Even when I hiked around the Flinders ranges for seven days, a lot of the girls who went with me still tried to access the internet on their phone (thankfully it didn’t work).


My point here is – have we become so dependent on technology that we really can’t go without? The very thought of your phone, internet, television and all your other tech items not working can send a horrible shiver down your spine and cause a mini anxiety attack. Thankfully my phone has been cut off that many times (from refusing to pay my bills because quite frankly my kids are more important) that I am not bothered when I don’t have internet. It still does bug me slightly, we shouldn’t be so reliant on technology, it’s not making our situation better… when technology fails then what?

More paper please.


It’s been a while since I have written more for my novel. The break is much needed – but it wasn’t intentional.

I’ve only had my laptop 11 months now, and about 4 months ago, my toddler destroyed it – he pulled off majority of the keys, somehow deactivated the little touchy mouse pad thing and about a week later the charging doc stoped working.

Now ofcourse I backed up my work – I’ve printed out the chapters and there should be a copy on dads computer, and a USB somewhere.

What bothers me about the situation us not having a computer in general – I would like to get a new laptop, but splurging on a new laptop would be a horrible stab to my bank account – which I can not afford at all.

I was hoping to get atleast half of my novel written by the end of the year, but now it looks like I am going to have to extend that until middle of next year – maybe.

The problem is, having no computer really sucks – if you are wondering – I write all my blog posts on my phone (which would explain the spelling and grammar errors you may come across.)

Sure – I could use my dads computer, but I cant read the screen properly, my eyes have gotten worse since I have had my glasses (6 months) – I get head aches now and my eyes hurt – so its too painful to sit and write at my dads computer with his obscene computer screen.

I would write it all on paper, but I don’t have enough and have no time to buy more at the moment.

So I guess I am thankful for this break.

Question: How do you feel with where you are at, personally with your writing?

Eg: emotions and thoughts on it.

Hey Samsung, here’s a tablet I would like you to swallow!

So I have had my Galaxy tab for around 4-5 months now, maybe less, and there are just some things that bug me about it. Sure it is great having a mini portable computer, that takes a sim card, has portable in-built Wi-Fi… but it is nothing but a crappier version of a laptop… with less features, perks and you have to buy an attaching keyboard if you don’t like the touch screen.

Not only that, BUT the Android market does not offer you a free word document app that checks grammar and spelling. But it does offer you a wordpress app… Without the spell check,
this is insanely annoying because not only do I go through my posts and realize that i have made a lot of mistakes, I have left out letters that I could have sworn i had touched and i have added a lot of letters that didn’t need to go there at all…

Also not to mention the tablets inbuilt auto-correct is worse than those iPhone auto-correct screen shots you see floating around on facebook and on various sites. No it’s not that it auto-corrects words to what it thinks it should be… it AUTOMATICALLY places words it thinks should come after and changes words to make you sound like a blubbering idiot that doesn’t know what she is saying.

I am not saying that I dislike having a tablet… not at all, I just think that maybe the next time Samsung want to bring out ‘the next best thing’ someone should direct them over here to read this, just to get a few good and useful ideas.

1)      We do not need auto-correct… we need a spell check option we can choose before we post up anything on the phone or tablet, and I mean anything

2)      We need grammar checkers too… How else do you expect people with poor grammar to not only learn about it, but avoid the embarrassment and harassment that comes with not knowing your ‘shit’

3)      I think it would be safe to say that maybe you should make it compatible with computers. I have an usb charger cord here and I plug it into my computer and then… yeah nothing happens. Thus leaving me sitting here after half an hour of trying to figure out how to use my Bluetooth settings, trying to Bluetooth all my eBook’s off my father’s computer onto my tablet.

4)      MICRO SD SLOT… mine does not have one… so when my space runs out I will have to find some other way of storing the next 6 months of my life…

Just to number a few… Now I know you might be thinking “why don’t you just use your lap-top?”

Well that is a funny story… it is sort of broken, slow, doesn’t have a completely functional keyboard and my partner is using it… Oh did I mention it runs off the Android system too? Yeah, me thinks something fishy might be going on here.

So what are your thoughts readers, does your electronic device need something, what bugs you about it and what could you suggest for the next update (In hope that maybe these companies will come across this and steal our ideas, but only in order to benefit us.)

Looking forward to your responses