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Overland to Ballarat landed me on Christmas eve

Yes, you aren’t going crazy – the title hardly makes any sense at all, but hey! It works!
It has been almost a week since a set off on my adventure – first stop Ballarat, Victoria.


Jordan flew over from Melbourne to help me look after the kids on the 11 hour train ride from Adelaide to Melbourne on ‘The Overland’ – I slept for the first 6 hours of the ride. All the food on the train you had to buy, even breakfast lunch and dinner – ugh but no eftpos, so if you didn’t have cash, I guess you were starving all day (this didn’t happen to me I had cash.)

There isn’t much to say about the train, I paid for upper class, so there was more room (i had a pram.)

All in all – train was a train and I saw way too many trees out the window.

This week I haven’t really done much as it is Christmas. So I will post soon summarizing the rest of my year.

I must leave a little footnote though

- world did not end, must throw it out there “I told you so” ;p