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well that is a little of an understatement

What makes a person want to carry on with life, you know, without being too blasé about the whole shindig? I have been wondering this myself for quite a while to be honest. It is probably the reason i haven’t really written anything so far. In saying that, Uni is finished for the year, I am looking forward to next year, I have a part time job now, I still struggle not to make this sound like i am just highlighting the good parts of my life, but let’s be honest here… That is exactly what i am doing…

For now.

See i am a little pissed off… well a little is an understatement and this is the internet so i can essentially understate anything i would like.


I am a little pissed off with everything that is going on in my life at the moment, I am pissed off that child care cost so much, I am pissed off that I almost never get any time to myself, I am pissed off that it has taken until now to actually write something,… and all i have to really write about is being pissed off…

But you know that is ok, the whole point to a blog is not to impress anyone, but so replace the good old pen and paper hand written diary, except you are willingly letting people into your diary, because you want to, but this one is edited, because nobody really likes to hear that your life isn’t all fun and games, books and typewriters or friends and coffee.

There is fights with those friends, weeks you don’t read, typewriters that are not being used, and coffee that just taste so goddamn bad that you really, really and i mean really wish you had not have wasted the time even tasting… and sometimes you want to give it back in a swift flying motion.

So when you constantly have days where you feel like utter shit, can’t even be bothered reading your blogs, or writing… or anything… what keeps people going…

 Well in short the answer could be chocolate. But who knows honestly.

A sincere thank you

From the very first Facebook hate rant to the very first comment on my blog, its no secret I have come along way from there. With every award I received from my fellow bloggers my confidence grew more and more.

To a lot of people, this may not mean much at all, but it means a lot to me. Its almost a year blogging on WordPress for me, and since I started, I’ve formed many new and real friendships with my readers and followers. I may only have a little over 1000, which is a small but decent amount considering I am not a famous author, but it is a huge number to me.

When I decided to get back into writing, I didn’t expect it to last this long, or to have as many followers and readers as I do have. I didn’t expect anyone to like my blog at all.

WordPress has given me the chance to put myself out there, to put my writing on the line and open for criticism (thankfully I’ve never had any bad criticism.) The chance to regain my confidence and the chance to help others regain there’s back too.

I’ve had the honor of being included in thousands of people’s lives thanks to WordPress. I’ve been able to share mine with so many people as well.

I want to sincerely thank the people behind WordPress. And I want to congratulate all you wonderful bloggers out there.

Helping people, one blog post at a time.

The joys of packing

So over the past few days we have been packing to move into our new house in a few weeks. Personally I love moving, its exciting! I’ve moved states and houses a few times now and I never get tired of it, because everytime I find things I love and clothes I love to wear. I thought about this post a lot, as I wasn’t sure whether to write it – but I’ve been too consumed in my studies to think of anything else. So here goes nothing. My favorite items of everything I found in my wardrobe



These are my favorite heals – the rest of my shoe collection is at my parents house.


I’ve had this jacket for a while now, I actually bought it when I was pregnant with my eldest, its funny that I did buy it because it was only a few months later it didn’t fit me because of my baby bump. But now it fits perfectly.






These are my favorite dresses, I’ve become very fond of dresses as I have begun to lose weight. I used to just wear pants and a long sleeved top. I’m not really a fan of t-shirts, even though I roll up the sleeves on my tops. I prefer the rolled up sleeve look.


This is my favorite nail polish at the moment, I find that blues and pink nail polish’s are best suited when I do wear nail poish. Usually I have my nails done with acrylics, but I haven’t had them for a while.



I thought I would also share my favorite products I use all the time. The Lucas pawpaw ointment is amazing everything from dry skin to cuts and scars.


I love this travel sized body wash, it smells amazing and you cab carry it on the plane, no need to buy containers and fill them up – no mess yay!



My favorite perfumes – I love perfume so much, at one stage I had over 30 perfumes :) obsessed much. Now I have 4.


I love this for those early mornings.


Perfect for moisturizing your skin, especially if you are pregnant.



I cannot live without my silver :p diamonds aren’t my best friend, but they do come pretty close.



My iPod and hand sanitizer, I love keeping a travel sized one in my bag. Its really handy for places like the shopping center and the gym. Some people just don’t understand exactly how many extremely harmful germs lurk in these places.


And my favorite lip gloss, I’m not a big fan lipsticks, I usually only like the light, natural pinks nothing red or bright pink, I find it a bit too much and over bearing. I may have expensive taste, but I make them last :) and you can never have enough girly things ;) growing up my mum always had the beautiful perfume by Estèe Lauder, she always complained that is was so expensive because I used to use it – even though money was never a problem, we were never poor – she just wanted it to last, so I am glad I can buy my own now :) Back to packing, see what else I can find.

When technology fails

‘Lest we forget our precious planet as we slip deeper into a comatic state of technological dependency. Yes if you ignored that sentence correctly, you would have seen that ‘Comatic’ is a word I just made up – Shh I can so do that because this is my blog…

Anyway if you took a wild guess about why I used such a term as comatic (my definition is a conscious coma like state of existence) and you guess I meant like a zombie, well, then you would be right.

When I was in school we did something called a ’40 hour famine’. It is an activity for charity where school students will not eat for 40 hours, live off only water and barley sugar lollies, door knock and try and raise money for hungry children. The aim of this (other than to obvious raising money) was so that well off children would be able to feel how it feels to go hungry – problem with this was, there were already kids that went hungry at the school, so nobody was all that bothered, signed up and just lived their daily life having not learnt a lesson at all.


When the school caught on to the fact that most the kids that entered were already starving themselves due to psychological issues, such as thinking they were fat due to bullying or because their parents chose to spend their welfare checks on smokes, booze and drugs, the youth committee had decided on another 40 hour famine – a 40 hour no technology and furniture ban.

A lot of this kids were outraged and this was around about the time that facebook started to become big at my first Highschool. Many of the students were already addicted to their facebook on their phones and they also had their myspace (back when myspace was ‘cool’).

When I look back at this particular 40 hours, most of the students couldn’t even last three hours, including myself. After the 40 hours started I soon forgot that we were supposed to give it up. The internet in general has been a part of my life since I was ten so I couldn’t imagine not living without it. Even when I hiked around the Flinders ranges for seven days, a lot of the girls who went with me still tried to access the internet on their phone (thankfully it didn’t work).


My point here is – have we become so dependent on technology that we really can’t go without? The very thought of your phone, internet, television and all your other tech items not working can send a horrible shiver down your spine and cause a mini anxiety attack. Thankfully my phone has been cut off that many times (from refusing to pay my bills because quite frankly my kids are more important) that I am not bothered when I don’t have internet. It still does bug me slightly, we shouldn’t be so reliant on technology, it’s not making our situation better… when technology fails then what?

A HUGE thank you to everyone in the wordpress-sphere and many more to come.

So it is nearing on close to a year since I joined word press, although in that year I havent had the honor of one of my post’s becoming ‘Freshly pressed’ I have worked hard to get to where I am today. Over 1000 Followers, and

I must say I have worked hard for every one of them.

So I am not much of a social network junkie, but I have had a twitter account for some time now and although I don’t go on it much, I am slowly getting the hang of it and I have finally added one of those ‘Hey follow me on twitter’ Widgets on the side of my blog *point to side*

Now I know, I know… Another way for my Stalkers to stalk me… but hey if it floats their boat right? I mean they are pretty insignificant to me now anyway :)


Starting my blog was probably one of the best things I could have done last year, I started it shortly after I finally bought my prescription glasses and was able to read and write without having difficulty seeing the screen (apparently I am as blind as a bat… well not that blind… not blind at all for that matter).

I have gained the confidence I really needed to finally say ‘Yes! I know what I want to do with my life and I am going to go for it.’ It gave me the confidence to share my opinion and speak my mind, and hear others opinions on the subject. It gave me the ability to finally show the world who I am through my writing and it gave me the chance to connect with my followers on another level.

There have been many times where writing has just been a pain in the backside for me over this past year, and times where it has just flowed like a river from my mind right onto the pages of my blog. There have been spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, controversial posts, friendships formed and stalkers have been able to feed their crazy sick weird habits by reading my every post. I also feel pretty safe knowing who my stalker is and the chair they sit on is wearing very thin…

I have been able to read so many wonderful posts written by you all and I hope to read many more. I also look forward to the years to come with my blog.


Starting my blog was like re-starting my life again.

For that I thank you all.

Lazy lamb chops, slowcookers delight

I say ‘lazy lamb chops’ because you can leave this particular meal for 6-7 hours – it’s perfect for those who are under confident cookers, workers and uni students.

And let’s face it, lamb can be annoying to get right.

Lets start with your ingredients:
6 lamb loin chops
4 potatoes
2 carrots
1 onion
5 table spoons tomato sauce
Pinch salt and pepper.
5 cups of water.

So what I do (you can do this in the morning before you leave the house) is peal a few potatoes ( how ever many you would like) cut them into cubes, set aside.
Cut up some carrots, place in potato bowl.
Cut 1 onion up into 8ths (that means half the onion then cut the halfs into quarters) separate the layers. Place in bowl.

Grab your lamb loin chops, frozen or fresh it doesn’t matter because it will cook either way. Place them in your slow cooker with the tomato sauce, salt, pepper and water, mix it around.

Add your veggies, (you can add pumpkin if you would like) and turn onto medium heat.

You can leave this for the rest of the day, stir when you get home and serve when you would like. The lamb should fall off the bone and the fat should also separate with ease.

Today I just placed the lamb in, which you can do as well. You just don’t add the veg. I lay mine out on a small bed of lettuce and cooked some other veg.

You can also make a soup out of the left over broth. Be sure to pick out any left over bone beforehand.



Passionate about Science

For a few months now I have had my head stuck in the science books as you may have read (if you are paying attention to the fine details) I am embarking on a huge journey to become a fully qualified Neuroscientist.


It has been something that I have wanted to do for a long time, something that I love – there is nothing more cool than discovering something cool about the human brain and the way we make connections in life. How the brain works – how life works for that matter. It’s not just that, I have my own theory’s about the human brain – But of course we all know that you must have a qualification for people to listen to your crazy theory’s about the human brain (well all brains really). Its something that I would like to have behind me aswell – The fact that I love science means I know I can do this. Just because someone is ‘smart’ doesnt mean they can do something great aswell. I feel that you need to be passionate about what you are doing, such as, you reading might want to be a great writer but you are passionate about art – why not paint more and write less, or find some way you can join art into you’re writing? You could draw pictures for youre blog like this wonderful blogger Doodlemum.

I personally wouldn’t mind what science field I got into – Last night I was watching a BBC documentary ‘Wonders of the solar system’, I remember how much I love learning about astronomy, and biology, and physics and all the crazy theory’s and awesome science stuff. I have had to go back to basics and start learning chemistry though – I was never given the opportunity to attend any chem classes in school because I moved schools 3 times (weird crazy Adelaide school rules that you have to start chem in a particular grade to attend the classes in all the other years). I guess it doesn’t matter about that anymore because I am to start from the basics again and I love to learn.

One of my strengths I think would be being able to admit defeat when it comes to factual information, I would love to personally thank the inventor of google and the internet for giving people the ability to settle arguments with a simple google search. When I am wrong and I am proven wrong, I can happily admit it and be thankful for learning something new (some people don’t take being wrong as a good like I do) I am always open to learning something new – It is why I read self-help books, because there is nothing more satisfying to myself as learning something new, especially something to better myself and make my life great (learning something new about people in general that is NOT gossip is great). I want to be able to learn more, I want to be able to help others by sharing the information I learn – it is also another reason I write my blog (regardless who reads it), it gives me the opportunity to share what I know and whether people like a know it all or not, I enjoy being able to share the information I learn and I love being able to talk about science.


You really only have to look at this to realise how amazing life is, and how important science is.

And this

Cartlidge cells from stem cells http://www.engin.umich.edu/college/about/news/
Cartlidge cells from stem cells http://www.engin.umich.edu/college/about/news/

And how these two things

egg and the spermCreate this


And eventually create a human being or an animal. How amazing is that?

At the end of the day, these things show exactly why I want to be a scientist, the small and the big things in life that are still waiting to be discovered – and I would like to start with the human brain, I would like to learn how it works, how to reach my own full potential, how I can help make other people’s brains function better.

I don’t know the meaning of life – But what I do know is the meaning of ‘What do you want to do with your life.’

I want to be a Scientist, and who knows – Maybe one day I will discover something great.


My addiction to writing… In my head

So yes, I guess you could say I’m a writer, but mostly I am a thinker and I don’t spend nearly as much time on WordPress as I should.

I write a lot of blog posts that don’t even make it onto my site, they either stay on paper or in my head. Some do, the ones I know will get a reaction from people, the ones that make you question you’re existence, the ones that make you smile and laugh and the ones that will make you worried or upset. Sometimes they are small and sometimes they are long, pointless, annoying and senseless. Sometimes my grammar is poor and sometimes it’s over done.

I consider myself a writer, because I find everyone is a writer.
A writer isn’t just someone who can sit there type a few hundred thousand words onto a page, print it out and call it a story, a writer isn’t just someone who reads a lot of books and considers themselves as a ‘nerd’ or ‘bookworm’ or a lover of all things fine and delicate, like a nice glass or bitter tasting red wine (that realistically took them years to acquire the taste for) and a decent paper back on a rainy afternoon.
A writer isn’t just someone who can write a blog post, have hundreds of people read it and feel satisfied at the end of the post, knowing people actually enjoy what you have to share with everyone.
A writer is all these things and more… I guess right?

A writer is a child, who’s imagination knows no bounds, who’s tree is easily converted into a rocket ship, who’s clothes line is Ferris wheel, who’s mothers bra is a pair of head phones, who’s nappies are meteors heading for the earth and who’s sandpit and bucket it’s easily a beach filled with animals and a giant killer kraken who need slaying.

A writer is the crazy person in the mental hospital who can’t quite work out who they are.

A writer is like volcano, lying dormant for years until one day they just have to explode.

You reading this are a writer, your smile has a story and your mind wants to tell it, quick! Pick up that pen and paper, write it, tell it to the world, they may not like it, but that’s not the point – see you don’t have to like my story, because being a writer isn’t about who likes what you have to say, it’s about saying it anyway.
It’s about disregarding the criticism and it’s about just doing.

Go now fruitful minds, write until you cannot write anymore, you know no boundaries for you’re like a child, a child who leaps over all obstacles because they may not see it but there is a giant to be slain and his name is Fear

Internet not so safety

I wanted to take some time to talk about ‘internet safety.’ Why? Well because it is important as a user of the internet that you do everything you can so you and your children stay safe on the net.

Now I know this post will probably be overlooked, because lets face it. Everyone thinks they are being totally safe on the internet… Until its too late.

Ok so let me run some of the ‘Teen internet usage’ statistics past you – as they seem to be the majority of internet users these days.

So firstly, did you know only 5 % of offenders pretend to be a teenager when talking to your teen, yep that was only 5 %. So that means you or your teenagers 95% of the time know the age of the offender and you or they keep talking to them – regardless of the fact they just told you they were 45 and you had a ‘mighty fine body’ for a 15 year old (this is classic pedophile behavior.)

Nearly 75% of victims met up with their offender more than once, yep, they went and had coffee with them and hung out as ‘buddies’ and you didn’t even know it.

Although it is rare – an internet obsession can lead to stalking, and if you feel you are being stalked you should probably report it to the police or tell your parents.

Youth who engaged in four or more risky online behaviors were much more likely to report online sexual solicitations. The online risky behaviors included maintaining buddy lists that included strangers, discussing sex online with people they did not know in person and being rude or nasty online. Facebook users have so much fun targeting people for these things.

Boys who were gay or questioning their sexuality may be more susceptible to internet-initiated sex crimes.

58% of teens do not think posting photos or other personal info on a social networking site is unsafe and nearly half of teens are not worried about people using their personal info for things they do not want… So basically stealing your identity – hey kids, ever looked up fraud?

Many teens are just not concerned with these things, and assume they are ‘all grown up’ because they have the ability to fake their age, look at adult content and have adult conversations with strangers.

But its not just teens, its adults too… Look I’m not trying to scare you or stear you away from one of man’s best inventions yet. I am just pointing out that you shouldn’t always believe what somebody tells you over the ok internet – I know because a dear friend of mine was murdered for this exact thing a few years ago Google Carly Ryan.

71% of teens have a social networking profile.

69% of teens receive private messages from people they don’t know and most of them don’t tell a trusted adult.

64% post photos or videos of themselves, eg in their underwear or nude on facebook. This means that those 30-90 year old strangers they have added will gawk over your childs photos or your own… Umm eww!

58% of teens publicly show their address (down to the house) and 8% their phone number (most my friends phone numbers are public.)

Statistics from http://www.onlinesafetysite.com/p1/teenstats.htm

I wanted to write this so we are all reminded to take more precautions when it comes to our Facebooks, WordPress, Twitters, MySpace, Tumblr, Blogspot, StumbleUpon, Hotmail, Gmail, msn, ebuddy, linked etc etc, so on and so forth, you get the idea. There are some real creeps out there who take pride in watching your every move on your social networking profiles, who always wait for your next photo of your cleavage, legs or even feet and hands.

If you have anything to add please add it in the comment section below.

Be safe