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Beautifully said…

There is this kids show my eldest watches. Its singing potatoes… Yes singing potatoes, how bizarre right? I guess maybe the creators thought singing potatoes would make kids want to eat their veggies… Or just play with potatoes, ahh the perfect birthday present “Happy birthday, its a potato because I know how much you like those singing ones on TV.”


I have always wanted to write a post that was so beautifully written that who ever was reading could just feel physically what I had written about.

“Dem feels man, dem feels.”

I’ve never known exactly what to write that could do this. I’ve read books on how to, I’ve tried to and I’ve read posts so beautiful that I wish I knew the person who wrote it.

But what have I personally learnt in my time of reading all about how to write different things? A few things actually… Certainly not how to write the most amazing novel in my life… See it doesn’t work that way… Not for me anyway.

An amazing blog post, or an amazing story, can be written beautifully, unintentionally, and sometimes it has been planned for a long time, worked on for months in drafts and written over and over to incorporate every big beautiful word you could find at least once in the post.

“You reading this are a writer, your smile has a story and your mind wants to tell it” – Me, original post My addiction to writing in my head

That post in particular, yes it is one of my best, and it is also supposed to be a beautiful post. I guess it is but its up to the reader to decide that. Something that is beautiful to me, isnt always beautiful to others and something that is ugly to me, isn’t always ugly to others.

So I think over all, no matter how many different things you read about getting in touch with your sensitive side or how to connect to a particular audience. It might be the person you least expect, to come along and show you that you can just write a beautiful post.

You don’t even need to read all the books on how to do it.
You kind of just have to write it and see what happens.

Writing is an art, an art where words come together in such a way that it tells a story

What ever story you desire.

As a writer you have the ability and tools to create art every single day.
With or without structure and boundaries, with or without colour, or understanding and confusion.
You have the ability to personally effect someone, somewhere in the world, with one liners and characters, with adventure and turmoil and with the perfect happy ending or the perfect suicide.

“I like art because art is beautiful” little singing potato on my tv.

A sincere thank you

From the very first Facebook hate rant to the very first comment on my blog, its no secret I have come along way from there. With every award I received from my fellow bloggers my confidence grew more and more.

To a lot of people, this may not mean much at all, but it means a lot to me. Its almost a year blogging on WordPress for me, and since I started, I’ve formed many new and real friendships with my readers and followers. I may only have a little over 1000, which is a small but decent amount considering I am not a famous author, but it is a huge number to me.

When I decided to get back into writing, I didn’t expect it to last this long, or to have as many followers and readers as I do have. I didn’t expect anyone to like my blog at all.

WordPress has given me the chance to put myself out there, to put my writing on the line and open for criticism (thankfully I’ve never had any bad criticism.) The chance to regain my confidence and the chance to help others regain there’s back too.

I’ve had the honor of being included in thousands of people’s lives thanks to WordPress. I’ve been able to share mine with so many people as well.

I want to sincerely thank the people behind WordPress. And I want to congratulate all you wonderful bloggers out there.

Helping people, one blog post at a time.

Abyissful thinking

I often think of topics to write about, as if there were endless topics. Fact is there are endless things to write about, I just fear most are bland.

I don’t go out much and like most stereotypical writers, given the chance, you would find me hunched over a vintage typewriter, in the center of a white room talking to myself.

“Yes the world does revolve around me” I would say, staring into the vortex of nothingness you call a wall.

Walls are pretty boring without art, or maybe they aren’t because you have an amazing imagination and you can picture anything on your wall.
Unlike me, my imagination is broken.

Oh crap, I need another coffee

How I became the writer I am today.

With only highschool poetry published to my name, it’s hard to live up to the same, in depth and emotional descriptive standards I have set for myself. I clearly don’t play my cards right when it comes to this…

I know

I know – why on earth would you get poetry published first, let alone when you were in highschool, when hormones fuelled the clearly way to emotionally filled poems that just so happen to be great enough to be published.

Learning the cards of life is hard. Harder than poker it seems, although poker is pretty hard, I have no idea how to play it still. But I am not much of a gambler…

I like losing sometimes when in comes to gambling though, reminds me that it’s not always about winning or being the best. This is what makes me the writer I am today – knowing that there are better writers than me, knowing that I might only ever have poetry published… And not many people read poetry, or understand it for that matter.

Knowing I could write a book, get it published and maybe only sell 50 copies. Acceptance is what makes me a good writer – you could ideally have the best idea in the world. Doesn’t mean the rest of the world has to like it.

I show myself every time I write a new blog post that I am committed to my writing, even now when I rely on my partners phone Internet, I still have managed to post a few posts.

At the end of the week we will be in our new house, and soon after hopefully we will have Internet.

What makes me a good writer? Behind hopeful, committed and happy with everything I write no matter what.

My floor shelf

Yes you did read that right, my floor shelf… Because I have a floor shelf. Not a book shelf a floor shelf, that I have since added to and need to pack in boxes (well 1 box).

When I moved here I had the daunting task of deciding what books to take with me and what ones to leave behind and collect later, well when we have our own place again.

Who knew packing books was a hard task, but luckily I will have my full collection back – as soon as I get a book shelf. So packing my books and she’s was easy this time, they all just fit in one box.

I felt like this post should be a sharing post about why I have surtain books :p


Lets start with this one, its an autobiography written my Martha Long. I haven’t read it just yet, but I did buy it because I was drawn to the initial idea that someone had it harder than I did and still came out on top – books like these draw me in, we are all interested in other people’s lives and an autobiography is the best way to read about someone’s life.


I am a few chapters into this book, so far so good. Its hard to read something written by such an amazing author who is stuck with the label “The author of the harry porter series” it isn’t really a bad thing, but it does sort of set the standard if you know what I mean. I am hoping this book is just as amazing, in its own non harry potter way.


This is by far one of my favorite books, no matter what anyone says. I absolutely love this book and I can and do read it over and over again, plus I have also watched the movie. This book and the Scott westerfeild series ‘The midnighters’ will always be my favorites until I die…


This book in particular was such a help to me, I insit you all go out and buy it and read it :p


And mums you should read this one.

Ahhh William, your work is so… Just right there in that book


These books are really helpful – yes is you haven’t already noticed or learnt, I am a sucker for self help books, because there should always be room for improvement in everyone’s life. No matter what form you seek it in.


This is a cute little book filled with many different, interesting and crazy ways to show affection to loved ones.




Just a few cool photos from the books, oh my wouldn’t you love your washing machine to be filled with flowers like that?


This book helped me to be less afraid of things that were out of my control, and also to understand what real courage is and where fear comes from. I once herd a line in a movie (oh no here comes a cheesy movie quote) “Real courage isn’t knowing when to end someone’s life, its knowing when not too”


I recently bought this and haven’t read it yet alone with these two books.


I specifically bought withuring heights because a lot of people don’t like it… And its like they say, you can’t judge a book by its cover (although sometimes I buy books because I like the cover)


I need the other books (there are many) in this series, if you know Anne rices’ writings, which you might be familiar with her if you have seen “Interview with a vampire” and “Queen of the damed.”


I am a few chapters into this book, its by brother in laws book I’m pretty sure, he lent it to his mum and she said I could read it – thankfully I am not one of those book thiefs and it will safely return to hos bookshelf, or hers – who ever wants it first :p


I have yet to read this book – so I guess um ‘Review pending’


This book recently entered my collection, as you all know I am studying to eventually make it to the top and obtain my PH.D. in neuroscience, but it means that I have to go right back to the beginning and learn everything again from chem to biology and so on and so fourth. Thing is, people get the wrong idea when they meet someoen who didn’t finish school… Lets just clear something up if you don’t already know. I did not finish school due to being severely bullied… I am actually (well used to be once upon a time) a grade A+ student… Oh yes the girl is a smart one… Hard to believe right, ok… Stop joking around now.


Do this is a book I have read before, and I will read it again to re-cap anything I have missed. It used to be my mothers. I find even if the information you learn is old and outdated, and may be disproven now, it is still really important when in the science field that you know what used to be, what isn’t and what is now until proven otherwise.


Yes… A book about improving your vocabulary and using ‘big words’, why did I buy this book? Well going back to your life have room for improvement, this is one those books for improving your life… Well your vocabulary – problem is, I knew most of the words in this book, I just chose not to use them because I don’t want to sound up myself and better than by using these words… Besides everyone here thinks I am weird, have an accent and I grew up with my English family…





My DVDS… Yes I love them all, I don’t mind of you don’t… The mummy was the first ‘horror’ I saw and all the others in the series I am a sucker for. I have always been obsessed with Egyptian things, and I used to be a belly dancer (before I had my kids and had c-sections for them both) I will probably return to it after I lose more weight (I am down to 65kgs now). My eldest sons name is also Egyptian.


And this book… ‘Act like a lady, think like a man’. This book seriously helped me ditch male ‘friends’ that were clearly sticking around, waiting for my relationship to crumble… Too bad guys.
This is a book written by a man, about men but its for women – I think all women should get it, because men are sneaky, even when they do love us.


And this is where they were all kept before I packed them in the box, my floor shelf – you were great while I had you, but I need to move on and upgrade now. Its been great!

Once upon a butterfly

I remember when I was younger, I could write and write… There was never an ending to my stories. Now that I am older, I don’t have the time to just write and write and write.
For my readers, they are probably thinking ‘but you update your blog alot’ yes that is true, but I take a whole day to write a post, or write when the kids are napping or at night time.

How do we find the time to keep writing though, when life seems so busy? Truth is its not about ‘finding time’ its about choosing how to use your time wisely.
My pages and computers used to be filled with short stories, if only they had of been as valuable to me then as they would have been now. Now my pages are mostly blank, waiting for someone to come along and write something other than study notes on them.


When I say ‘once upon a butterfly’ I think about how a butterfly seems so insignificant to most. Well its just a small creature right? Something that doesn’t live very long, I mean they are pretty I guess…
Like all creatures, organisms, animals, minerals – well basically everything that isn’t a human – the live their life… That’s really all, they aren’t living and striving to impress the world, just one other butterfly, same with any animal. Seriously could you imagine animals trying to impress other species? It would look a bit like this.


My point is, it doesn’t matter if I write once a day, once a month or once a year. I still impress my partner every time and that’s my goal.

Once upon a butterfly, life was simple, they were in love and life was blissful.

Yes I found this little critter on my walk yesterday - my inspiration for this post

Get out of your comfort zone

When you think of writing something that is out of your comfort zone, you can feel a bit stressed and anxious about it – because let’s face it, when we write on our blogs, it doesn’t matter how many times we claim “oh I just write for me” we all know that we also want people to like it and sometimes this leaves us feeling horrible after we have hit the publish button up until the part where we receive our first comment or like.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a part of life as we all know. Writing this post at the moment is out of my comfort zone because every post I write I feel as if it is not good enough only because I am writing it not reading it. Sometimes I look over old posts and forget that ‘Hey I actually wrote that’ because it was out of my comfort zone.

The circle that surrounds our life that we ever so strangely call ‘Our comfort zone’ should be pulled down every once in a while. Don’t get the wrong idea, I do not mean go run down the street naked because you wouldn’t usually do that… if you did that you would go to jail… and I don’t want to be blamed for that sort of thing. I mean when we write, we should throw ourselves out there and see what happens with our writing.

Although I realise, even if I did put myself in a writing course (which I would never do) I can never make a career out of writing, and lucky I don’t plan to… because honestly when I was finding writers for my new website, it seemed like there are more writers than there are jobs. So you would be lucky to get a consistent job in the writing field unless you were the boss of your own site – Like you are with your blog.

It’s the best thing about having a blog/blogs is the freedom of the written word that comes out of your mouth, you don’t have to answer to anyone, you don’t have to write something that everyone likes and you can always write something out of your comfort zone and not feel anxious about it, because almost 10 out of 10 times, no matter who you are and what you write, no matter who shows their interest and who reads your post and keeps it secret that they like it, and even the people who don’t have a way to show you they like your post, someone out there, will indeed no doubt like what you have written.


Its all happening

So its been a day since I advertised positions vacant for my new website (currently in development). And wow I didn’t think I would get the response that I have. So far I’ve had
6 applicants, 2 that I am seriously considering (this is a huge deal to me).

Its not everyday you have people who really want to write for you (I still haven’t closed applications either).

So I’ve just been developing the new site, writing, writing, writing and I have some awards posts lined up for tomorrow – I just have to finish them :)

Possible banner draft doodling

Who are you?

Who are you.

If it was not for your facade, you would be no one.

No one but a mere spec of human flesh and bones drifting upon the earth.

Like a leaf floats down a stream.

Who are you compared to your superiors.

To your friends and to your family.

Who are you to share your opinions based on what you’ve taken from others.

We have not known of the real you.

You have not known of the real you.

Who are you

And who am I?